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What a wonderful time of year!!!

After Coppell got beat by a good Midland Lee team we drove back the 180 miles to Coppell, repacked and headed north to Burkburnet. Don't get me wrong the HS season was great and Meat had a heck of a time and learned a lot but he only pithced and wasn't allowed to practice first basebase and only had 4 offical at bats.

This weekend he started at first for 3 full games and pitched 4 innings in another. After starting out 0 for 5 in the first two games, he went 1 for 2 with a HBP and 1 for 3 in the next two games. I even enjoyed watching him was a good at bat.

Thank God for Summer Baseball!!! Go DBAT!!!!!!!!

Then 6 games in 7 days here in Dallas starting Thrusday, with DBAT16 vs Dallas Tigers16 on Wednesday at The MAC at 6pm to top it off. That should be the first measuring stick of how far they need to go as a team.
Meats Dad, I totally agree. My son was in a similar situation during the h.s. season. It's hard being a junior when the entire starting lineup save one is composed of talented seniors! (5 made unanimous All District 1st team this spring and 6 -- maybe 7 -- will play college ball next year)

Loop ball started tonight -- scrimmages between area high schools. Now that the seniors have graduated, my son is able to start every game. He went 2 for 2 tonight.

His select team heads to Fort Worth Thursday for a 4-day tourney. Boy, is it gonna be a fun summer!

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