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I have rooted for the Niners since the days of John Brodie, Ken Willard, John David Crow, and Clifton McNeil. A Montana-autographed football, Bill Walsh autographed card, and copies of the San Fran sports page from each Super Bowl win are stored securely in my office. (something else for my sons to sell at auction after my demise)...

Go Niners! Go Special K!

p.s. If they have to lose to anyone, the Ravens would be my first choice.....
It doesn't matter to me who wins. I care for neither team. Despite the odds makers, I'd have to give the edge to the Raven's. Flacco is more complete QB - no he doesn't run like Kapernick, but he's got one heckuva an arm.

And yeah, I'm tired of Ray's shtick too.

Plus Torrey Smith is sort of a local boy done good. Born 20 minutes down the road in Colonial Beach and graduated from Stafford HS 40 min east of us.
I'm tired of Lewis hiding behind Jesus with all the mistakes he's made in his life. He's an all time great football player. He's not a role model. There's an unsolved murder and a missing suit. There are six kids through four women, none of whom he married. I always say athletes don't have to be role models. It's a bonus if they are. Lewis is not a role model.

Kaepernick surprises me with cool he's remained throughout the 49ers run. But now he's playing against a top level defense. He didn't pile up points on the two best defenses he faced ... Seahawks and Rams.

This game is going to be decided by a field goal. Will the winner be made by the rookie having the big year over the HOF potential veteran having a shaky year? Or will the veteran prevail over potential rookie jitters?

My over/under on Kaepernick finishing the game is ten running attempts. If he takes hits on ten runs the Ravens will knock him out of the game.

Ravens 23, 49ers 20
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My heart says Ravens but my head says 49ers. I'm not a huge fan of Ray Lewis (though I gues I don't share the intense dislike of him that many of the rest of the posters here do) but I do like Ed Reed, and I would like to see Joe Flacco do well. On the other hand, the 49ers have been one of the best (if not the best) defenses in the NFL this season. I'll be rooting for the Ravens (and yes, coming from Seattle, it would be hard to root for the 49ers anyway), but I predict the 49ers will win 24-17.

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