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I'm new to HS baseball having a frosh. Does anyone on here talk TAPPS? If so, what are your thoughts on TAPPS 5A Dist 1? Schools in alpha order are:

Addison Trinity Christian
Dallas Bishop Dunne
Dallas Bishop Lynch
Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Grapevine Faith Christian School
Plano John Paul II
Plano Prestonwood Christian
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GT - we played Bishop Lynch in the final of the 2009 SGP Warrior Classic. A very solid group of mature/skilled players. At the time, I had a chance to visit with some of the BL parents, if I remember corectly all but one player was classified as a SR. After their TAPPS State Championship runner-up bid, I always wondered how a program like Lynch reloads?

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I don't know yet, ChargerDad. Too early to tell and I have not seen them practice or scrimmage...let alone play. There are some strong players, but it doesn't seem like a real deep team. If they can stay away from injuries, they should do ok but a lot will depend on how good the others in the district are and if the right pitcher lines up against the right competition. They have a couple strong pitchers that should do well if they keep it in the strikezone. I don't think anyone would consider them a favorite. How is DC looking?
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I agree Nolan and TCA have to be the favorites in the district. Both have some pretty talented players coming back.

Lynch lost a ton of talent. They have to replace their whole line-up 1 thru 9, as well as their entire pitching staff. Last years senior class was a special group. This should be an interesting year for BL as they have a new coach and only one player from last years team returning.

I did hear though that the Freshman class has some real talent.
Bishop Lynch may be in a rebuilding year but that should not be taken as them not being talented. There were several players on last year's JV that would have been varsity players if not for the strength of that senior Varsity team.

I am not saying they will be in first place but they will be a team that gets stronger as the year progesses and they gain experience playing against varsity teams. They won't have the power of last year's team but will hit. They also have quality arms that could be exceptional.

It is unfair to compare any team to last year's varsity as a team like that only comes along once every twenty years.
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Best team in 20 years??

I think he was exaggerating to make a point. Last year's BL team was awfully strong. You're right there have been others but they don't come around every year at smaller schools. Prestonwood's 06/07 was one of those. 26-1, only loss in the state championship game (this will be a que for Chargerdad to speak up Smile ). Players included Cameron Rupp, Jordan Swagerty, Hunter Hill...and many more. They were a stout bunch.
There are no Lynches in terms of powerhouse teams in 5A this year, but there should be some very good competition. My money would be with Nolan, which seemed to turn things around last season under its new head coach. They only lost a couple of position players and bring back pretty much all their starting pitchers and their all-state catcher from a team whose only district losses were to Lynch.

As for Lynch, it’s a rebuilding year, for sure. New (but experienced) coach, plus it’s unrealistic to think you can pull up the entire JV squad and expect them to win district without any previous varsity seasoning. TCA could be interesting if they can build some more quality pitching to go with Hursch, and of course they always seem to find a way to be in the hunt. I don’t think it’s a big secret that Prestonwood and Grapevine Faith were big disappointments after being so highly touted moving up to 5A last year. Welcome to the new neighborhood. I keep thinking that John Paul II is going to rear up and surprise some of us one day.

All that said, in order: Nolan, TCA, Prestonwood, Lynch, Grapevine Faith, John Paul II and Dunne.

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