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Wondering if someone out there could confirm something I have heard about Juco recruiting in Texas. A reliable source told me recently that some Juco schools count on their athletes to keep the doors of the college open. He was giving me an example of a college that has about 300 students of which about 200 of them participate in the athletic programs of the college. As far as the baseball program, they will give out "room" scholarships which do not count towards the athletic program - usually to about 100 boys. At the end of the fall semester, they will cut the 100 boys down to 20 or so players that will make the team. Because the 100 boys are enrolled in the Fall semester the college gets money from the state. This a prime way the school keeps the doors open.

I guess I want to know if this type of thing is true. He told me that this goes on at several major Juco programs in the state of Texas. If it is true, does anyone know the colleges that are doing this.

To me this seems unethical to tell a boy he is being recruited into the baseball program just so the college can get someone to go to their college so that they can get state money.
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Walking a "fine" line here and lotta gray area in this subject. Absolutely, athletics is a BIG part of some smaller JUCO's and keeping them afloat. Do they have to bring in a set number.....YES. Do they receive state money from these students being full time enrolled.....YES. Is this always bad......enter the gray area. I am very familiar with the JUCO's in Texas and know that these things go on but I don't feel it is only there in that state. Also, coaches recruit kids in for other reasons that are questionable: to fill dorm rooms, to keep them from going to opposition, to satisfy a need for "local" numbers....all of these and other reasons can be questionable.

I guess what I am saying is to name names and "bang" on some might be a little unfair as their is much to question in recruiting sometimes.
Another question along these lines. If certain Juco schools do this and are limited to 24 scholarship players, how do they get these excessive numbers into their schools? Do they in fact offer some other type of scholarship to the boys and call it a baseball scholarship? If this is the case, what should the player look for to make sure it is in fact a baseball scholarship? This topic is important for the 05' graduates who are going through the recruiting process now with the Juco schools.

If there are other areas players should watch for, we should get it on the table in this forum.

I saw red shirt possibilities - why would a Juco player want to be red shirted?
I don't believe people go to Jucos to get redshirted,but it happens a lot.A coach will play sophs with experience over true freshman,
and redshirt the freshman so they can develop.
Very few true freshman are able to play right
away at the major juco level.
There are many other things that will also happen at a major juco=players from a division 1
school will transfer into the juco,players from
other jucos will also transfer in.These transfers are another reason why freshmen get
The jucos also have large fall rosters,which
include walk ons.When the fall semester is over,
there is a lot of transferring,cutting and pruning of the roster,so they can be ready for the season.
I have learned all of this through experience,no one ever mentioned to me about the
transferring that goes on all over and the fact
that jucos have redshirting.
D-1 juco coaches have 20 some odd scholly's to dole out,(not for sure),in any combination of books, fees, meals, tuition, and rooms. So there appears to be alot of help for a young guy who wants to get a education and play mucho games (55 on my son's spring schedule and 50 in the fall). Looks like about 25 players maybe more at NCTC, saw about the same at Paris and Vernon through the fall. I did notice alot more players for Navarro, Hill, Seminole,not sure about Weatherford,Grayson,McClennon,or Ranger.There is strong competition in Texas juco's,playing at any of these school's or Richland,Cedar Valley, Eastfield,Brookhaven,or many other Texas schools will help build character, something Iam looking forward to watch develop in my 18yr.old knucklehead.

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