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Thank you "Perfect Game USA"


I just received a Recruiting Letter of Interest from the University of Miami Hurricanes Assistant Baseball Coach.


I am a sophomore in high school and graduate in 2016. The letter states no two way open communication right now because I'm a sophomore In high school. I'm allow to call, email and text the coach but he's not allowed to return calls, emails or texts. So for now if I have a question for the coach I'm allowed to call him He just can't call me.


Anyway I sent the info sheet back to them. It's a information form they sent with the letter and asked me to fill it out and send it back to them. We did call the coach "with my dads help" we thanked him for the letter of interest. He was really nice And my dad was the one who did the talking. We plan to call him again in a couple months and that will be my chance to step up and make the phone call myself. It's gonna be scary calling a college coach but I'm looking forward to calling him too.


For the above reason I just wanted to thank PERFECT GAME USA for putting me on the college coaches radar so early only being in my sophomore year of high school. Without Perfect Game USA I wouldn't have received a letter from the University of Miami.


Blake Tekotte #18 Chicago White Sox is one of my favorite MLB Baseball Players and he was a Miami Hurricanes Center Fielder. Small world...LOL.


Thanks again PG I will be forever greatful.


Chase Sandman LHP/OF 2016

2013 PG Evoshield Underclass LHP All Tourney Team Goodyear, AZ


Chase Sandman

Most up to date Twitter Info regularly posted by my dad: @AZSandmanLHP

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It is so fun getting those letters/emails, isn't it?  Congrats!  


Keewartson played in the 15u WWBA in East Cobb after his freshman year of HS. There may have been a few college coaches there (but nothing like the 17U week.)  He told me the 'Ole Miss coach watched him play when they were at the complex.  Huh?  "...and the coach nodded to me when he walked by".  He was so flattered, and I'm thinking "yeah, right."


Well, later in August he gets his first recruiting letter, from none other than 'Ole Miss.  He was now in the PG data base and they can get your address and contact info from that data base.  He was still flattered when he got recruiting letters from 'Ole Miss after he committed. 


Send in those questionnaires.  More will probably come.  Play your hs sophomore season to the best of your ability and be prepared for the coming summer. Be the best teammate you can be and keep reading this site.  keewartson was not a pitcher, but the recruiting process and unofficial visits started for him during his high school sophomore season. 


Keep your grades up.  


Start visiting colleges to get a feel if you want a large or small(er) school?  Rural or urban?  Does cost matter?  What about the distance from home?  When you play in tournaments, see what colleges are nearby and ride through. There are some funny posts on this site about touring colleges and seeing how cute the girls are down south (and up north they are covered up with coats!).  lol


Your journey has started!

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