Our son posted this article and video analysis of the Giants 1st rounder, 17 year old Heliot Ramos.  Of course I liked it!   Thought some might like his assessment of the day in the life of a Milb player, the reference to the coaching being far more advanced and precise than before MILB, and especially the video side by side with Cespedes on the swing development which will be needed and expected  as Ramos moves upward (hopefully) to capture a place in a pretty depleted outfield system with our Giants.





'You don't have to be a great player to play in the major leagues, you've got to be a good one every day.'

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Good stuff!  

I'm thinking maybe it's time to have a new section of the HSBW forums, or better yet on the Straight 108 site:  

"Ask the Swing Doctor".

BTW the kid is off to good start in AZ.

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