Okay, so I saw the thread on the Gold Standard for D3 facilities (very interesting in fact) and since my 2020 is most likely going D2 (hopefully more on that later) I was curious about opinions for that level.  Thanks in advance.

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San Diego of course!  After playing in the AZ Senior Fall Classic for two years as a Soph and Jr my 2020 missed it this year (yea, his most important year I know) but he was selected for Homecoming Court and his mom was having none of it for baseball this time.  LOL.  

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Hard to beat Point Loma Nazarene...


What is that 500 feet to left and I would bet the wind is always blowing in... Send your kids if pitchers but if power hitters ..........

Just a quick Google Earth measurement shows it about 330 to left and, yes, the wind would be blowing in most of the time with the exception of when Santa Ana wind conditions arose. This is typically in the fall but can happen at other times of the year and results in extremely hot dry winds blowing out of the east, sometimes for weeks at a time.

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