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My son, a 2013, may have had a light bulb moment. He is the starting catcher on JV, and in fact, has caught every inning this season. Problem is, his high school is so small, they can't field a JV team and a varsity team on the same day. Plus, if the varsity game gets rained out, they cancel the JV game the next day so that the varsity can play. Because of this, he will be lucky to play 10 games this spring.

The good news? He has decided that if he wants to get better so that he can play in college, he has to work on his skills outside of practice and outside of games. He has a schedule for drills, and so far, he's keeping it.

He's always been a good player, and for the past couple of years he has not had to work on it to start every game. However, that doesn't mean he could compete at the level where he wants to compete.

Sure is fun to watch that light bulb start to flicker over his head. I'm guessing others on this forum know what I mean. Pushing doesn't do it - they have to come to it on their own. Hey, now the light bulb is flickering over my head!
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Your post caught my interest because I could write something similar about our own team. Not only do we have a water issue with the field, it doesn't have dug outs or fences.
Our JV & Freshman have to travel 5 miles to the Middle School to play & if Varsity gets rained out...they get canceled.

Our HS team ranks 219th in the state. Little League & Babe Ruth were even worse when my son worked his way through it.

My son figured out by the time he was 12 that if he wanted to go anywhere in baseball, he'd need to train every day on his own & that's just what he's done for the last 5 years. Rain, snow or whatever, he's in his cage swinging away, or using the pitching machine for fielding practice... The only pushing I ever have to do is forcing him inside when the temperature drops below freezing...then I find him in the basement hitting off a tee!

I wish your son luck in his baseball pursuits!
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