I'm not sure which HS Baseball Web member noticed the Orbitz banner above and booked a trip through it, but Thank You! Smile

I have no way of seeing who made the booking or how many people are going on the trip, but I was surprised to see that this first booking put $12.00 in the Orbitz affiliate account which will help cover our site expenses.

Whoever booked the trip, I just wanted to let you know that it does really help!
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The Canadian National Defense Ministry is a fierce lot. This looks like they've been getting tips from the French!
Julie....I have all of my travel arrangements already booked for baseball season. BUT, I am going to tryout the Orbitz site and see if I can book NEW hotel reservations...and then cancel my old ones. I'll let you know if it works so you can see how long it takes to get money into the HSBB account from Orbitz! Smile
Be careful. . . and read the cancellation policy for hotel rooms. . . they will NOT refund money for baseball tournaments cancelled due to rain. . . we got burned!
The funny thing about the photo above is that it is very obvious that the apparatus is sitting in northern Manitoba, pointing into the Northwest Territories.........maybe the wind did it?
Originally posted by veryproudmom:
Be careful. . . and read the cancellation policy for hotel rooms. . . they will NOT refund money for baseball tournaments cancelled due to rain. . . we got burned!

And if you have to change flights it can cost a fortune. Wanted almost $500 to change a departure time on a RT ticket that was only $200 to start with.

Sorry, I guess they're some sort of sponsor but I'll never use them again. Same thing happened on a hotel room. Just be aware that you can't change ANYTHING without it costing a bundle.

You are right, this type of booking is not for everyone. You have to be firmly set in your travel plans.

There are some really great deals, though. Last summer I booked a round-trip through Orbitz from Washington, DC to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Mexico for just under $350. There would have been an additional cost for an overnight hotel stay in the middle of each trip, but I had plenty of Priority Club points so those stays were free, and at a couple of nice places, too. It fit my travel plans and budget perfectly. And I found the rate and booked 10 days before traveling.

Once in Mexico, I had a rental car that I had also booked through Orbitz. I was involved in an accident there, but I was smart enough to purchase extra insurance through the website at the time of booking. It took a little while to navigate through the language barrier and the Mexican Dollar Rent-A-Car way of doing things, but I did receive full reimbursement for the damages that were placed on my credit card.

All in all, I was very satisfied with everything, except the accident and one umpire.

...and maybe the rain.
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I see that the banner is travelocity, I didn't realize that it changed.

We began using travelocity a while back, for hotel reservations mostly, a few days before we knew we were going.

In may we stayed in a 150 a night hotel in Jax for 69 dollars a night. Some really pricey hotels give great rates on the off weekends because normally their rooms would sit empty.

I don't use it for flying, but I have friends who swear by it.
Julie: I booked 3 flights for Mrs. Trojan-Skipper and two of her students to Wash. DC thru the Orbitz banner. I hope you got some credit out of the deal; the price was the same as anybody else had posted (travelocity, hotwire, etc.)

Thanks! I have not received even a small payment from Orbitz for many months, so I'll have to check and see if they are tracking this. I have only received 2 Linkshare payments of about $20 each in the 1-1/2 years that I've had these banners and a couple of ESPN Store ones in another forum, so I'm not sure if it's worth having the banners. But I'll watch and see if Orbitz is tracking this...

Thanks for letting me know!


EDITED: Trojan-skipper, I checked and our Linkshare account does show an Orbitz order this weekend, which must be yours. FYI, your order generated $14 commission for the site. Big Grin
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