Consultant posted: What is the preparation required to make this play?

An upward spike in the player's defensive hunger as each and every pitch crosses the plate.

A coach can encourage it.  But mostly it comes from within.

Most infielders act hungry as the pitch crosses.  Inwardly, some are more hungry than others.  The best are ravenous.

Many outfielders don't even bother to act hungry.

I was at a MLB game this spring and was blown away by the disinterested body language of the visitor's LF.  Ditto regarding two OF's at a college game I attended this spring.  Btw, their team was near the top of the conference standings.  



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IMO it is being prepared and ready for the pitch. Everyone can do that every pitch...from there it is just being an athlete and letting you skills take over. Can you teach it? not really but you can practice countless reps for years and then when the opportunity presents itself let it happen. 

It is sometimes tough to do in youth ball though if only one in 3 pitches is in the zone and like 1 in 10 pitches is put in play.

Walk-a-thons don't really encourage being ready.

It involves the ability to "read the bat".

Watching the "on deck" hitter taking his practice swings, knowing your pitcher pitch; is it a curve, sinker, change up and then shifting to the left or right to field the ball with a glove without a "large" web.

Baez's SSK glove is on my desk as I type.


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