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Mr.Hicks sent the season ticket holders a e-mail one hour before the A.rod Trade was offical.Guess What?? Mr.Hicks mispelled Rodriguez..Geeezzzz
Question; Can Tom Hicks Fire Himself???
He is so Clueless and he ownes a Major League Baseball Team.
The Bronx Bombers are laughing their rear end's off at the Texas sad toilet
You misspelled owns!! Does that mean you are clueless?
Mr. Hicks could have intentionaly misspelled the name as some people take that as a personal insult! Espically someone with a lot of pride like a-Rod. That was my first thoughts. And also I rather doubt that he typed the e-mail personally. I'm sure he has people that do that sort of thing for him. And I am also sure that his corp. has invested in a spellcheck software program, giving the intentional misspelling theory a little more validity!!
Anyway..who knows, and who cares?????????
I'm sticking with H.S. baseball this season!!! It is just as entertaining as the big leagues!!
Let's PLAY!!!

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