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I recently found out last Friday went I went to the doctor and looked at my MRI that I had a torn UCL. The doctor said that I could either try to rehab it (though it obviously won't be back to full strength) or get Tommy John surgery. Right now, I'm heavily leaning towards the surgery. What is your opinion on my decision? Also, does anyone know any good surgeons in Connecticut that I'll be able to see relatively soon? I want to be back for my senior year in high school, so I want to get the surgery asap.
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Got your e-mail " in one of your posts,you said your son was able to swing a bat after tj surgery.was this while he was still recovering? how did that turn out,no pain or additional strain? " and tried to reply through e-mail but it wouldn't go thru.


My son Andrew had his tj surgery on 8/3/07. He started swinging a bat shortly after he started his throwing program,which was on 1/3/08. Your rehab people will have a very structured program to follow and you should follow it to the letter. Alot depends on what position you play. Position players come back much faster then pitchers. Andrew was a pitcher so our game plan was for him to just dh for his high school junior year. He never had any problems with his hitting(soreness or pain). We actually slowed down his throwing program on the mound and the surgeon ok'ed him to play 2nd base since it was a shorter throw. After the season was over he back tracked some on his long toss program and then started throwing off the mound. As to results he was hitting full strength by 3/1/08 and hit .431 with 19 rbi 7 doubles,3 triples,and a home run as the #4 hitter in the line up. His team also went to the 3a state championship.He made 1st team all division,1st team all-county and 2nd team all-metro mostly because of his hitting.Posting the numbers are not meant to brag about my son but to show you that the hitting is one of the first things to come back.

Would also like to give you a little advice. If you get this surgery be very patient. When you are doing your rehab you are doing it for the future. You don't just want to get ready for the next year. You want to be strong ten years down the road. My son had many teams contacting him about pitching for them. Alot of colleges that wanted to see him throw. We decided not to rush him back. If this means he has to go the juco route so be it. The important thing is to come back as strong as possible.What age are you and what position do you play? In Andrew's case he just wanted to be as strong as possible and be ready to pitch his senior year,and then he will weigh his options.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions you can call me on my cell 410-245-1929

Bob Huber

,tried to send a e-mail back but couldn't get it to go thru.

thanks for all the info. to answer your question, I am junior in high school and 16 years old. I have played just about every position, but I usually play third or right field (my arm is probably my strongest weapon). I have been on and off with pitching in my career, but have recently been doing pretty well. I haven't been clocked but people that have seen me pitch say I throw low to mid 80's. so I'm hoping that if I come back strong from surgery, I'll be able work with my pitching a bit.
there are many good doctors in the northeast. great advice calling dr andrews for a referal. you may even get an appointment with him.if you have insurance and a few bucks for plane fair.

my son had tj in 06 by dr andrews. regardless of who does it, rehab is the biggest thing. it has it's up's and downs but keep your eye's on the prize.

good luck in your surgery.
My 17 year old son had TJ surgery May27, 2008 at Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Scott Kozin performed the procedure. As a parent, we have been completely satisfied with Dr. Kozin and Shriner's. My son, a junior 2B at the time, missed his entire junior season. He is rehabbing on schedule and throwing from 65'. He has experienced no pain or setbacks. He is on schedule to resume play for his senior season.
If you are anywhere close to Dallas, it's really hard to beat Dr. John Conway in Ft. Worth. He's very good. We've never had a GP doctor that has sat down with us and talked through options in as much detail as Dr. Conway, including explaining everything that went on in surgery while our son was still in recovery. Around here, people say to see him or Dr. Andrews in B'ham...I now know why.

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