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The one that I got the message on that was cancelled is the one posted below:

Texas - Dallas North TPX TOP 96
College Coaches Baseball Clinics for High School Players

June 11th and 12th at The MAC

The Texas – Dallas North TPX TOP 96 College Coaches Clinic for High School Players is UNIQUE:
• Clinic Sessions with college coaches who provide hands-on instruction. Choose 3 of the following
o Pitchers (Basic Mechanics, Fielding, Advanced Pitching)
o Infielders (Basic IF Mechanics, Infield Specialties; Middle IF Play, 1B & 3B)
o Outfielders (Basic OF Mechanics, Fielding & Throwing)
o Catchers (Blocking & Receiving and Fielding & Throwing)
o Hitting
• Workout and Evaluation sessions with college coaches.
o Choose to workout at 1 defensive position & take live BP
o Performance Evaluation by a college coach will be provided in writing a after each session as well as a 1 on 1 review.
o Workout and Evaluation sessions will be filmed and players will have the option to purchase a video analysis package.
• Instructional Sessions in areas that college coaches have told us all players need improvement.
o Bunting and base running
o Strength & conditioning
o Warm-up & between start routines for pitchers
• Game/Scrimmage - College coaches on the bench will actively coach and teach during the games.
• Direct Interaction with college coaches during the entire 2-day event.
• Optional video analysis packages including on-site face-to-face review with a college coach.

To Register or for more information Contact Eddie Aguiar by phone at 817-996-9441 or by email at or register on-line at

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