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Hello, I am a current RS Freshman for a D2 school in West Virginia. I recently transferred because of many issues at my former D3 school. I understand it's still this summer but I starting to look into playing next summer somewhere. I live in NJ but traveling to play in other leagues is at no issue. I have a friend who plays in the FCBL up in New England and he loves it and it got me interested in doing something similar. I'm just looking for any possible input on some leagues to consider, regardless if it even requires me to pay to play but nothing too extreme. Thank you very much, guys.

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What people fail to realize is that most of the assignments come from recommendations from the college coaches.  


JMO, but shouldnt your first concern be doing well this fall in practice and making the team for the spring?  You have to prove to your coaches that you are worthy of getting a summer assignment.  


Dont get ahead of yourself, concentrate on what is more important now.


Good luck.

I agree with TPM. Let your coach know of your intrest, then play the best you can in the fall.

Many players want to play in the best leagues. But being in one of those leagues and getting enough playing time are two different things.

I have followed The Great Lakes and The Valley leagues, the last two years. I have seen players leave after a few weeks for lack of playing time. Hopefully your coach will place you in a league where you will play.if you have the talent that, that may be a top league, or a more local league. You will be best served, being placed were you will play.

Remember, your coach has to maintain a good reputation with these leagues. They do that by recommending players that can help teams compete and win.

Focus on the fall, and spring, and play were your coach places you.

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