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Just returned from Tucson, but didn't stay in a hotel. (Conference at the Ventana Lodge, which is pricey.)

IMO, the downtown area near Congress/Broadway/6th Ave is sort of weird at night and deserted. It seemed better around the University of AZ going E toward Sabino Canyon down Speedway and Tanque Verde Rd, getting closer to Ventana Canyon. New development and growth around there, but not at city center. Sort of suburban.

Sometimes, the best places are B&B Inns. You get a nice small place with knowledgable staff, and a great breakfast. Try one of these: The Adobe Rose Inn is a small B&B Inn that's very quaint and I've heard good things about it (includes a very good breakfast) but maybe on the pricey side. The Royal Elizabeth has some moderately priced rooms and a fabulous breakfast ( Or go chain. I would consider the Comfort Suites at Sabino Canyon or the one near the Tucson Mall, depending on which side of Tucson you want to be on.

We ended up having to eat at the conference mostly, but we got out for breakfast one day and LOVED Millie's Pancake Haus (try the corn cakes) and we ate lunch at an absolutely delicious (and inexpensive) Mexican seafood restaurant on 6th Ave past Ajo Way going S toward the rodeo grounds (we were the only gringos there) and I can't remember the name of it. Has a sign with a shrimp on it and "Pescados Mariscos" in the name. Highly recommend it. Hopefully you'll get to hike up in the mountains and cayons. Just beautiful, but wear long pants. Everything is *****ly and spiney and sharp.
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I agree with the previous post. My wife is from Tucson and she said to steer clear of the 6th Ave/ Congress Ave. Actually, steer clear of South Tucson for the most part. The Doubletree hotel is a nice mid-range hotel in a central location (across the street from a golf course). Below are some restaurants she recommends.

Pinnacle Peak is a steakhouse where they will actually cut your tie off if you wear one. Fun and great steak and beans.

MiNidito is located on the edge of South Tucson and is the BEST Mexican food in town. President Clinton ate there when he was in office (along with lots of other celebs) It is a tiny hole in the wall and there is usually a wait (half hour or so) but well worth it.

Zachary’s pizza is a pizza/pasta restaurant on the edge of campus. My wife worked there while in college when it was called Noodles and Crust (same owner though).
1028 E 6th St
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 623-6323

El Corral is a nicer version of Pinnacle Peak. The tamale pie side is a MUST! This is another steak place.

Any Casa Molina restaurants (they are everywhere) for mexican food. La Parilla Suiza is Mexico City Mexican food. The Blue Willow is a good breakfast restaurant.
Just got back from Phoenix and stayed at the Phoenix Clarion on I-10 and Elliot Blvd. There were 5 baseball teams there playing in the RusMatt tournament and I guesss there are more coming in for this week. Reasonably priced and we had a nice breakfast every morning so saved money on that plus they had a manager's reception every night around dinner time that included free beer, soda, salad fixings and a different hot dish everyday. Our games seemed to conflict with that but usually got back in time for whatever was left plus the drinks. Very clean, nice staff and they kept the pool open alittle later than 10 for everyone to enjoy. Hotel was better than internet picture represented. I would recommend checking it out and wouldn't hesitate to stay there again. Since our flight was cancelled coming home and most hotels were fully booked we wound up at a Days Inn near the airport and our view there was a steel scrap yard near the Oakland A's field. I would not recommend that area of town.

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