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Coaches.....hope everyone is doing well. I would like to invite you to our 8th annual OBrien / Sooner Collegiate Leagues' High School "Senior" Showcase on NOVEMBER 3, Saturday. This is the first mass email I have sent out. If you would, please forward this on to anyone else who you may know that would be interested...players or coaches. This has been a pretty good showcase the past years due largely to you guys participating. We usually have around 120 or so kids and 20 or so colleges attend on average. This showcase is free with a $20.00 or more "Donation" to a local breast cancer program. Last year 2011 you guys helped us raise $1,200.00 for the cause. We will again donate ALL 100% of the procedes collected to them this year. All my helpers are local coaches, players and baseball people who volunteer each year so we aren't out much other than your player info. packets and pizza, drinks for you coaches and our help. Usually we get kids from the Tulsa area mostly but also have some come from Texas, Kansas, Arkansas. I will have a list running on our web site. I will send out a couple more reminders to you along with an update player registration list as we move along.

If you know you or your school will be reprented at the showcase please let me know asap so I can post your school as coming on our web site. You should be able to use this link.......... see past showcase info and info concerning the upcoming showcase.

OBrien Park
6600 North Lewis Avenue....(HWY 75 exits about 1/2 mile east of the park).
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thank you for your time and hope you can make it!!

Thank you,
Jonny Henderson 918-798-6908
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