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I’m curious what high school umpires get paid around the country?

In South East Texas the pay is as follows:

Game Fee: $35 per game (double header is $70)
Mileage: .28 cents per mile round trip
Plus an additional flat $10 that is called “meal money”

What is the going rate in other parts of the country?
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That's interesting,

I thought the fees were set by TASO and are uniform throughout Texas. Anyway, here in North Texas it is $35 a game, $65 doubleheader or $70 for two games (i.e. same school against different opponents or JV game then varsity following). The mileage is $0.175 per car per mile or $0.35 per mile if two ride together. There is no $10 meal money here.
In W.Pa. game fees are set by the school AD and vary from school to school. I have received $35 for Freshman and JV games to $45 and $50 for Varsity. We do not get mileage, meal money or show up fees.

In my summer association we get $30 for PONY, $35 for Colt and $45 for Legion. We get $10 show up fee if we are not called off of a canceled game.

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