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U of T and all Canadian U have a short season due to weather. Most games listed are DHs.
I attend many games and live near Brock U which is always one of the top Canadian schools except for UBC in the NAIA.
Broch has 75 guys tryout for roster spots. Most are very good ball players, many ex US college guys who have either graduated or left before graduating.
They are playing a D1 school on the 30th barring a rain out. They have several games against JCs and are competetive. A couple of their players have been drafted. One is a roving scout in Florida for the blue jays.
Because of the weather it is not a good alternative to playing US ball but Brock has been talking about going NAIA which would give them a better program playing fall and spring.
I would add that it costs $4500-4800 a year to attend a Canadian university plus room & board.
No scholarship money in freshman year. After that a small 500-1500 scholarship possible.
UBC is a great program and they do give athletic bursaries approx 3500-5000. Cal trip in early spring. Amazing location in Vancouver. Jeff Francis (Colorado) graduated from there.

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