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Many thanks over the years to all of you who helped with my questions.  To make a long story in an SEC town, was son's dream school, did not happen.  RHP, consistant 88 mph, gets lots of outs, State champion, player of the year, etc.... Lots of offers from D2 and D3....Ended up at a JUCO, last year cut short, playing in a fairly local college league this summer and doing well.    Will be starting his JUCO sophmore year online...they announced last week.  Doubt we will have a fall season...and who knows about spring?  I do know this will be his last year at the JUCO no matter what.   Why am I posting?  Because I see the sunset, I know the trip is about done.  Even if an offer came in from another school he is done.  BUT wow what an incredible trip!  Because of baseball and the travel baseball days, I have lots of friends!   Not exactly sure on his major but he is thinking Secondary Ed, history and coaching.  So you guys with young kids, enjoy the trip because those are the best days ever.....and I mean it.  Savor EVERY single moment!!!!!!

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Nice post and great message, Stayfocused.  Also, having some sense of when things will end is a special luxury and glad you can appreciate it. 

I am curious, though... you say "Even if an offer came in from another school he is done."  Can you elaborate or would you rather not?  Is the direction with the major so he can teach and coach?  Does he have a level in mind he wants to coach? 

Plenty of coaches and coach dads here of all levels so the conversations here can certainly continue.  Some of those coach-related conversations have certainly helped both myself and one of my sons along the way.

Thanks for sharing!  When my 2015 was in his college senior year he got injured a couple games into the season.  Just like that the season and career were over.  I look back to all the trips, talks, games and videos my son and I shared over the years and wouldn't trade them in for anything.    

After it ended I didn't realize how much time (and money) it consumed.  I still catch a high school or college game whenever I can!  

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Coach Mom here (cabbagedad forgot). 

Your son needs 4 year degree minimum and experience to coach in a 4 year program, but as an unpaid assistant, can get his education paid  for, or as a student assistant.  Lots of options to explore.

 He will decide when he is ready.

Thanks for the much neede uplifting post for everyone.


Cabbage and TPM let me elaborate on what I wrote.  What I meant was he will be done at the JUCO and is determined to attend his last two years at Auburn to finish up his bachelors degree.   He grew up down the street from campus, attending football, baseball, basketball, etc.... He was even fortunate enough to play some high school games in their stadium.  

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