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Anyone that went through or has experience with Tommy John surgery/recovery...


At what point did velocity return back to normal? 


I am almost 13 months post-surgery. Currently in the midst of my first college fall season and this is the first time I have pitched healthy since the fall of 2013. At that point, I was 85-87mph. Didn't pitch junior year due to elbow issues and missed senior year due to TJ. Rehab was successfully done in 11 months. Since surgery, have grown an inch and put on 25 pounds with no arm issues. Velocity has been 80-84 occasionally running up to 85/86. I realize this is normal for velocity to be down at this point, but at what point does it typically return?

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I never had tommy john but have worked with kids who have. honestly its different for everyone. some people get it back almost immediately and some may never get it all the way back. a lot of throwing programs post TJ are very light and never allow your arm to regain its strength and speed. Of course, you shouldnt throw full speed on your frist rehab day but you eventuall do need to. below i linked an interesting article from driveline about it



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Pitching Student, 


Thanks for the reply. I did not start my throwing program until I was 6 months post-op (compared to the norm of 4) and my program was very light & conservative. This fall season is the first time I have consistently thrown without restriction. 

My guess is that your velocity will return soon after a while of higher volume and intensity throwing. A lot of guys after tommy john throw less so they dont hurt themselves. Well if all you do is toss out to 90 feet a few times a week you wont regain your velo.I would think yours will come up this fall 

For my son, velocity returned by 11 months which made him think he was ok after 11.5 months. That year was not good, he should have waited 16-18 months in hindsight. Velo returns but the feel and spin take some time; as well as recovery for the arm after pitching. DM me if you like, my son is now 3 years post TJ and would be willing to answer questions.

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