Which one ya got? Pros and cons? My son (college freshman) has a choice between the 06 Dynasty and the 06 Vexxum (trading a text book for a new bat). He's a lead-off/2-hole type hitter, if that helps. Uses the 05 Omaha right now.

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I like the vexxum better cause it has alot of pop. The new dynasty feels the same as the old one so it would be a waist to get the new one.
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you cant really compair the two its just a matter of weather you like flex in a bat or not. If you like flex you cant go wrong with the vexxum. Both are good bats the only thing wrong with the dynasty is that i have seen a few of them break in half. This seems to happen with alot of different tpx bats. The only one i havent seen break is the exo
I'm not trying to be argumentative, but the only TPX bat that I've seen break over the last several years is the EXO. I watched a game where a kid hit a ball with an EXO and he was left holding a 90 degree piece of metal. I don't recall any of my son's (or his teammates) TPX bats ever breaking. Now, I definitely could not say that about any Easton or Rawlings Plasma bats. I've never seen any problems with the Demarini bats either, but I've mostly seen them used in youth competition.
i agree MoDad, i have never seen anything go wrong with a TPX bat, yet with the EXO i havent seen that much of a break (90 deg), but my teamate broke his by a piece of the carbon fibre coming lose so he just returned it and got a new one, besides for the flex ive been told that TPX have a short life of "pop", where as demarini are more durable and last a long time with the same pop from the first year to a good 2 years later, but personally, i have always use TPX for about the past 5 years and i am not ready to change to a flex bat but maybe change is good, that was my 7 cents
after i said "besides the flex..." above i meant to say- besdies the difference between the flex of the vexxum, and "stiff" for the TPX the life differential...

my bad
today i was hitting with my friend, who plays college ball and last year he used the old dynasty (the blue one) and he told me he just got the new voodoo, and said that the new vexxum and voodoo are great and he (being a previous dynasty user) says he thinks the new one feels weird, but it all comes down to personal preference

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