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Has anyone had any issues with UIL or school districts recording or live streaming (game changer) sub-varsity games?  Or are there any rules against it?  I recall seeing something that said both schools must consent or something but never really looked into it more.  The video would be for people who can’t attend, like grandparents out of state, but the reason obviously doesn’t matter if it’s prohibited.  

I know I can record with my phone from the stands without anyone even caring, but if I put a camera on the fence, that might be a different story.  

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I'm in Atlanta and I do it all the time.  I put a GoPro on the fence behind the backstop to record the full game as my son is a catcher and I want to capture what he does as a catcher, not just as a hitter.  Other parents really appreciate the game video and highlight clips I am able to make for them if their kids made a good defensive play.  Most parents take videos of their kids' at bats.  But it's hard to capture a good defensive play unless you take a video of the full game.  I also reach out to parents of the opposing them if they made a really good play and I offer to send them a highlight video of that play.  I made lots of good friends from other schools that way.

Livestreaming is a bit more challenging due to getting a connection to the Internet.  I can't connect my GoPro to our school's wifi for home games.  It's even worse for away games.  I've used phones as hotspot for the GoPro but the speed is hit or miss.  It's also easy to use up the hotspot data cap.  If the parents really want me to try to stream for their grandparents or parents who can't make it to the game, I ask for volunteers to let me use their phones as hotspot.  I was able to stream maybe 50% of the time last year.

I never had issues with school or state varsity rules not allowing me to stream.

Thanks and glad to hear.  I’ve been doing live streams in tournament ball for a couple of years but not for HS.  I was considering the GoPro route but didn’t because of the hotspot data issue you mentioned.  

If you use the Game Changer Team Manager app, it has live streaming built in and some pretty nice extras.  It will automatically cut out clips of batting, fielding (outs), and pitching (strikeouts).  Grandparents love it.

I use my son’s phone on a link spyder and it does a good job and usually strong cellular connection since there’s no hot spot jump to another device.  

I tried streaming using a phone before (like 7 yrs ago).  I didn't like it bec the phone overheats, and the angle is not good (too narrow).  I did get a wide angle lens you can put on your phone to address the latter issue.  The image is acceptable but is not as good w/o the wide angle lens.  My main priority is recording high quality video of the game to use for recruiting highlights and for coach to analyze mechanics.  I had too many challenges with streaming that I stopped committing and setting expectation that I'll be streaming the game.

Not sure about UIL, but TAPPS has no restrictions.  Our school lives stream from GameChanger both at home and away (cell service permitting).  Both V and JV.  And often times, we ask, and usually get permission to set up an IPad in the press box.  The only restriction is we mute the livestream so the home team’s press box occupants can talk freely!

Each state is different.  Most of the south require you to pay a license fee if they find out.  There is a different license fee for business and personal in most states.  It gets crazy high in playoffs.  We did live video in Missouri and the rate went out of the world in playoffs.  NFHS Network is being added at a lot of places.  I pay the $12.95 a month and watch my son's games in TN and former teams where we have lived in basketball and football.  Don't know that many have added it in baseball yet.

Only problem our team has run into other then playoff games that was talked about above (some of those games are contracted out to companies to stream) is the sound has to be muted between innings if the venue is playing music. Team has had videos taken down and warning given since they did not have permission to steam music from the bands/groups that published the music.

Hint:  If you put the phrase, "We do not claim to own the rights to any music played on this video." It will many times get through.  I only Facebook live when son is pitching but it has gotten taken down many times due to the walk up songs and between innings.  The phrasing above has helped.  I do not know what that does but it does something with the facebook page.  We also use it on Sunday morning when we show videos or use certain sound tracks and it has helped.  Very frustrating when not.

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