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My son has already been accepted to this university and has emailed and sent info to this school. Because he wants to visit before signing on the dotted line I emailed the baseball coach and asked for a meeting. He couldn't have been nicer and we now have a meeting all set up.

1.Now for the questions, should I take this to mean that he has a small chance or are they always this accomadating and nice?

2.He has already been offered a rather large academic scholarship, should he bring this up in the meeting, would it make a difference?

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Wcmom -

Sorry, I was out of town yesterday and could not respond to you.
You can certainly talk about his scholarship money and I agree with the others posted. Be up front and ask any questions that you wish (you learn alot at these visits!) It sounds like a good deal - go for it! I was only asking the other questions in case you son likes another school more for some reason.
As for them being so nice - that is a good sign that the WANT your son.
Good Luck! I hope he loves it AND I hope he has a great Senior year!!!!...........12'smom

PS You can PM me if you want to talk - my son just signed and were excited, too!

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