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Guys, this happened in a college game the other day. Team down a run with the bases loaded, one out in the bottom of the 7th. Ball hit over the leftfield wall for a homerun. Batter rounds first, notices tying and winning run score and he turns to go celebrate thinking the ball had stayed in play.

The news article said the Sports Info Department checked the rules and with conference officials crediting him with the grand slam. I thought it would be a single?

What say you?

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I would think it is a grand slam as long as he touches all the bases. If he stops after he rounds 1st, it's only a single and the only runs scored are the ones that cross home plate.

I'm not an ump or an official score keeper, but if you watch a HR anywhere, the umps are watching to make sure the batter touches all the bases. If he doesn't, I would assume he does not get credit.

Maybe someone with official knowledge could explain.
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The official rules do not seem explicitly clear but the decision that was made probalbly was a judgement call and in the spirit of rule 10.06(g) which reads: When the batter ends a game with a home run hit out of the playing field, the batter and any runners on base are entitled to score

a little extra info. Seems to me that as long as the batter touches first base, there is no problem:

APPROVED RULING: Two out, bases full, batter hits home run over fence. Batter, on appeal, is declared out for missing first base. Three outs. No run counts. - Rule 4.09
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