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Friday night in a game that my 12 year old all-star team was playing in a call came up. I am wondering if I was right in my interpetation of the rule which did not go in my way cause the two umpires did not know the rule clearly nor could I find the rule.

The play goes like this...... My team had a runner on 3rd and 2nd. The batter hits a flyball deep in the outfield, the fielder catches the ball but my runner on third leaves a second to early and scores, my runner on 2nd tags up and is tagged out at home plate for the third out, inning over. My team takes the field and is warming up for the bottom half of the inning, when the coach for the other team comes out wanting to appeal my runner not tagging up at third after his team has left the field and clearly out of fair territory. I advise the coach and the umpire that the play can not be appealed due to them leaving fair territory but they insist you can still appeal the play until the next legal pitch is made.

In this situation was I right on saying there could be no appeal due to the defensive team leaving fair territory or was the other coach and umpire right for allowing the appeal due to the fact another legal pitch has not been thrown?

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We are governed by Dizzy Dean. What is not covered by their rules revert to MLB rules. Which in the MLB rules in 7.10 it does state if a defensive team leaves the field ( out of fair territory) after a 3rd out is made before appealing a runner then the appeal can not stand. So I was wondering if I was right in my understanding of the rule?

The rule is found in 7.10 (d) of the Official Baseball Rules and it states " If the violation occurs during a play which ends a half inning, the appeal must be made before the defensive team leaves the field." So I am basically wondering if I was right in my understanding of this portion to say that the other team could not appeal the play.

I have never umpired any Dizzy Dean baseball, but under OBR, you are correct that there can be no appeal after the defense leaves the field. (rule cite 7.10)

There are a number of tournaments in my area for the 12 and under set that do include a "no protest, no appeal" rule in the set of additional special tourney rules. The umpire ruling (or no ruling) on the field stands. These types of rules and time limits are effective in keeping tournaments on schedule.
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Originally posted by TRhit:

I have seen it here in the Northeast in Youth programs

Leagues use it to avert confrontations between coaches and umps

If the ump is to make the call without the appeal he cannot call what he did not see and in this case that might have happened.

Did you not read the part where it said the umpires upheld the appeal?

If the league has the umpires make the calls, it must be immediately after the action stops. Also, any league that has such a silly rule to avoid "confrontations" is a wimpy league. What confrontation occurs when a team makes an appeal? Rules like this are made because most managers and coaches don't know how to make a proper appeal. Do they also have the umps make an automatic call on batting out of order?

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