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Here's the situation:

Top of the 7th (7 inning game), two outs, bases loaded. Batter hits a ground ball between 1st base and 2nd baseman to the right fielder. Right fielder throws the batter out going to first.

PU rules that the runner from third crossed the plate before the out and ruled the run scored.

Lots of folks upset, including me. In my mind, the force out at first negates the run, not even debateable. But perhaps I am mistaken. I would be interested in some more experienced opinions.

By the way, we lost the game by two runs, but finished under formal protest.
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By definition, it is not a force at 1B.

If the third out is made on the batter-runner at 1B, or a force out at any other base, no runs score. PERIOD. It matters not if the runner from 3B crosses the plate before the out.

It's a basic rule that any "real" umpire knows, even rookies. This so-called ump you had needs some serious re-training on rules.

If your league allows protests, I hope one was made.

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