Hey everyone, welcome to the "I'll See You There" forum!

Many members will recall the discussions we had a few months ago about trying to set up a national or regional "convention" for High School Baseball Web members.

It was a great idea and I was definitely in favor, as were many others. However, the response I received from most members as we discussed specific dates and places was:

"I would love to go, but I can't because I'll be spending my vacation time and/or money flying to a showcase for my son ... or traveling to a college pre-season tourney ... or watching MLB spring training." (Numbers 2 and 3 applied to our family.) Since many of us are traveling around the country for baseball anyway, I thought that this forum might help with the coordination of some HSBBWeb "mini-conventions".

Here's how it works:

If you will be at a baseball event that you think other "Websters" might attend, post a thread here with the location and dates in the title of the thread. Add some info about the event in the body of the post, and invite other members to post if they will be there, too. Then it's up to you to decide who treats for a hot dog and Coke!

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i just got a new rolls, the 2006 rolls kanardly maybe you've seen it? rolls down the hill kanardly get up the other side.
You crack me up.
Please move back to Oregon.
Things are dismal here.
You may not solve them.
But it will be more tolerable with you providing comic relief.
[QUOTE=GotWood4Sale] Has anyone seen my car keys? ....[/QUOTE]

I found a set, coming out of Lenscrafters the other day ... some idiot spit pumkin in my face and I stumbled around for awhile.

In the commotion, I tripped this curly haired screaming witch that started hitting me over the head with her stupid bell. I grabbed the bell out of her hand, but I came away with a set of keys. They fit a Chrysler....

.... there will be a substantial finders/cleaners fee associated with their return (I want my 80 lira back).
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Originally posted by gotwood4sale:

Do I know you sir?

Happy motoring...it runs on mid-grade.

Oh..about the 80 lira...they fit the slots at Chuck E.Cheese's nicely...scored 1400 pts. with that 80 lira playing Ski-Ball.

Just so you know, the day wasn't a complete loss. I was able to introduce that curly-haired bell ringer to my bachelor brother. Misery loves company.

Luckily, he's nearly deaf.
gotwood, somewhere in the Wallowa Valley, there's a little old man who still pumps gas. He used to run a cult in the State until they threatened to give him a sound Koreshing. You might want to check it out.
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In a country that raises dogs like livestock, to be eaten, I don't know that you'd ever find a PetSmart around here. UGH. It's my biggest ethical pet peeve with this place.


Heavy Pumpkin Stains?...Lemon juice seeks its own level?.... 14

You are an impossible poster to keep up with...My wife can't figure out why I chuckle so much when I'm on HSBBWS...

Julie...How an bout an "Ask "Woody" Forum next! Cool

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