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Is there some kind of law or ruling or legal precedent that blocks teams that are not affiliated with a recreation council from having the same rights to using public fields that all citizens in the area of said field pay taxes? The members of the non-affiliated team have parents who pay taxes just the same as those kids who allowed to use those public fields do to their relationship with a recreation council.

So does anyone know who to take your case to request access fields that you pay taxes for also? Do you start by going to Parks and Recreation? Do you take it to the local County Council? Do you try elevating it to the state level?
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When I played softball way back in the 70s/80s in Montgomery County, we applied for a permit from Parks and Recreation. We could not apply until a certain date (sometime in the spring, but I don't rememeber the date). I think it was first come - first served. I don't think anyone was favored over another. Of course, if you know someone in Parks and Rec, well....
Anytime you have a public facility, there has to be some system in place to determine who gets to use it, when, and how much.

I have no idea about your particular situation, but around here there are public facilities that are contracted out to specific youth baseball organizations. The particular organizations assume certain duties of maintenance, and also agree to adhere to certain rules governing parking, limits on nighttime hours, limits on use of lights (which are costly and often complained about by neighboring residents), etc.

Parks & Rec normally handles it, but they can be overridden by the county Board of Supervisors if you want to take it that far. But contracting with non-profit youth baseball organizations is common and it imposes order on what would otherwise be a pretty unruly process.

Also, you have to consider that fields can't be used 24/7 without getting worn out. Mound pits, batter's box pits, paths through the grass, etc. Every field needs to have its use balanced against its need to recover.

We do have certain public fields that can be rented on an ad hoc basis, but those are hard to get because demand for fields usually outstrips supply, and the organizations usually get there first. And, they have a history and a vested interest in keeping up their end of the deal, something the stray travel team doesn't have.
I too live in Maryland and the problem is that the local baseball organizations tie up all the fields.

When you drive by there is no one ever using certain fields yet you are not allowed to use them.

These organization tie up the fields to keep out any competition.

Don't even get me started about the adults and softball tying up all the fields. Especially the ones with lights.

I get so jealous when we travel south and see the incredible complexes and the quality of the fields they get to play on.

We visited a Public HS in SC to play at a national tournament. The school was Carolina Forest HS. Their practice field is nicer than almost any public school in MD. They had under roof batting cages with lights, tee stations with all the right equipment.

Getting access to a HS field in MD is really tough unless you are MCBA, BMB, or American Legion.

I feel your pain in Harford County. Montgomery County may be even worse.

I can't speak for other counties but they probably have similar policies. In Baltimore County, the local rec's have the schools and parks divided up to certain rec's. As for high school fields HS of course has first right then it goes to the local rec. You need to get permission from the local rec to use the field. The problem is at least here in Baltimore County fields are limited and after the rec teams schedule there games there is not much time left for club teams

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