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Let me first say that we have the play but use it rarely, basically only with a guy on 2B late innings tie or one run games. Maybe I'm not using it enough, or in the right situations. I would rather use 1-3 and 1-5 coverages in their corresponding situations.

How often do you use the wheel play? What other situations. Is it really as useful as we think in HS ball?
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We have it , we practice it but we do not use it very much. The reason we dont is because it is tough to execute. First of all you have to have a ss that is athletic enough to beat the runner to third post up and be ready to apply the tag. The fielder has to throw a strike because usually it is going to be a bang bang play. And if it is not executed you end up with 1st and third and no out was taken. And sometimes you end up with a ball thrown into rf and we all know what happens then. If the runner at second base is a good baserunner with speed we do not put it on especially if he is working a good secondary lead at second and we have tried to shorten it with pick off attempts but are unable to get him to shorten it. If the runner at second base is not getting a great secondary lead and he is not a fast runner this is a time we may put it on. Otherwise we use bunt 2 where third keeps the bag and the pitcher takes the 3b line. If its bunted up the line hard towards third we have to concede 3b to the runner and get an out. Its good to have the play in your arsenal but it takes alot of practice and different situations will dictate when and if you use it. JMHO
Best use of wheel play I have ever seen was this fall. Coach goes out to talk to players to make sure everyone knows where they are going and what they are doing, makes hand gestures and everything. 0-0 count, pitcher toes rubber, and everybody takes off to their places as hard as they can go. SS to 3B, and 2B to 1B, etc.... Pitcher steps off rubber. Everyone goes back to normal place, pitcher steps on again, everybody takes off, baserunner follows SS, except this time 2B instead of going to 1b, goes to 2b, pitcher steps off and bam, runner picked off without a pitch being thrown. Everybody on the field, in the stands, etc... were watching with their jaws on the floor. This play may only work a couple of times a year, but hopefully they would be the right times.
There are a ton of pick off plays that can be used especially when you feel the bunt is in play because usually the runner is trying to get a good secondary lead. As a runner you must make sure the pitcher is going to the plate and the ball is being bunted and you see it down. The pitch out is very effective with a runner on first and the sac bunt is in play with a rh batter. The key though is for the runner to be smart and not overly agressive.
We really don't use the wheel as a bunt defense. I use it with a runner on 3B and it seems to be a squeeze situation. I can still have 3B and 1B charge to cover the bunts and have first base covered with 2B. But in case the bunt is missed and the runner stops to head back to 3B we have the SS there for the rundown. Helps to keep the thirdbaseman from trying to catch a ball and apply a tag while running backwards.

If we have a runner on 2B and it is a normal bunt situation I will play my 3B in a little but tell him to cover the bag UNLESS the bunt is at him past the pitcher.

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