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Son got his first All-Star mitt in December 2016.  Took a while to break in, but, he loved it.  He catches a lot.  And, it was starting to see some wear, etc.  So, we got him another one in April of 2018.  That one took less time to break in.  And, he used it for all of 2018 and 2019 - logging a lot of innings and pitches.

Just got him a new one last month and it's already broken in and ready to go.

But, he says the previous one, now 2 years old is shot.  "No padding left and loose as crap" (in his words).

Back in April of last year, we took the first one (that we got in 12/16) and sent it out to one of the most recommended All-Star glove repair guys out there.  Had it re-laced and the padding replaced.  I don't remember exactly, but, I think that I paid like $150 to get it done.  But, when it came back, it really wasn't any different than when we sent it out.  (I did question the guy on it but he basically said he did what was asked and it is what it is...)

It would be great to have a decent one to use as a back-up.  But, at this point, based on my past experience, not sure if it make sense to try and get the old "loose" one fixed or just take that $150 and save it and put it towards the purchase of a new one in a few months.

What do you all do with our catchers mitt when they are old and seen better days?  Toss?  Repair?  Something else? 



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You can just have it re-laced and ask for it to be tighter.  That will take care of restoring shape and looseness but not any padding issues.  There usually isn't a whole lot of padding in the palm anyway (by design - even the top end mitts) and he can use one of dozens of types of palm pads out there that are usually pretty cheap.  Catchers mitts are definitely more work than fielders gloves but you can usually find someone willing to re-lace for about $50.  Once you get into padding replacement, price goes way up.  That's when I would just be looking for the right gloves on sale to keep the backup pipeline full.

I lace mitts and can do it for that if you can't find anyone.  I only keep black and tan lace in stock though.

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