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What has happened to all the kids in the HICKORY HAWKS baseball proram? I caught the game at Grassfield and was shocked to see so many players that are at other schools or not playing at all.Is this program on a downward spiral? It surely didnt look like teams from the past. Defensively it was just bad!!! Hope it turns around fast out there I cant vision Hickory at the bottom of the district. Please someone shout out whats happening here,so much talent to draw from.
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I dont know who made 27xwc the king of opinions but sir (or mam) you are surely mistaken. Have you ever heard of a rebuilding year? This Hawks program has been in the hunt every year for at least the past six to seven seasons. They have produced many great players that have gone on to play at the next level. For you to call them out is a big mistake. Hickory has always had the ability to play great at any time. Believe me I would know I used to play their. I believe your assessment was unwaranted aand unecessary. Oh and yes I see your from suffolk, so im guessing you are probably from Kings Fork or Lakeland and think that you may have a chance at finally beating a top dog which your won't do in all likelyhood. GOOD DAY!
Triple Sevens

Thanks for your post. I am not sure I would call this a rebuilding year as much as I would call this a character building year. 6 Sophomores are on the Vasity. One is the SS who started last year for the team. One other Sophmore is getting some playing time. There are 4 Juniors. Three are starters. Sure some players have left for various reasons (that is a family decision for no one to judge) and I suppose that some may have quit playing baseball although some might call this an example of Darwinism.

I can't speak for all the players on the Hawk team but I do know that there are a few players who are working their tails off to keep Hickory from being bottom feeders. Maybe you are right... maybe it is a rebuilding year.
My bad I guess anyone from Hickory would say its a rebuilding year if at least 6 of their players left or quit. I saw alot of young 10th graders in the dugout area not typical of this program and as for Suffolk wrong on both counts grew up in your neck of the woods. I am sure they will bounce back but only if the problem within is resolved maybe if you could admit it everyone of the players that are elsewhere would have started in last nites game and the ones not playing did they just loose interest?I dont think so great of you to call me out on this but I woulnt have spoke out if I didnt wont the program to get it together.
Chances are that Hickory is left outside looking in this year behind GF, WB, GB and IR.

Every transfer has a story to it including sour grapes. That means it can't all be laid at the feet of the program. But if you look at where these players end up and the coaches involved it is reasonable to think a combination of upgrading and mild recruiting contributes as well.
I am familiar with most of those soph's. Good players who should become better. It will be interesting if they've progressed enough to get over the hump this year. More than 5 losses in SED at year end might be too many.

It is easy to imagine Grassfield and Western Branch beating everyone else twice. Any win against GF or WB is a major boost. The 3-4 slots probably comes down to a round robin between the GB, IR and Hickory. Nansmond River or Deep Creek are capable of a W or two to shake it up and make a run of their own but IMO the probability is not high.

IR is 0-2 GB & H are 1-0. That makes tonights H vs GB game rather large for someone to get a leg up on the 3rd spot.
Redbird great point there is a happy ending I understand the kids that have left are doing great. The question I guess is why they left or quit like you pointed out they are in starting lineups elsewhere. Mathews41 I would agree about the underclassmen but the history of the Hawks program is the older boys usually are on the field maybe it is time for that to change if they are reloading. There is and always will be a talented group to follow but bottom line is winning championships. It surely looks like Grassfield has found a energetic coaching staff to put them at the top so will the Hawks rebound? Time will tell but with 2 losses back to back and Nansemond River next it looks like a short season.The Warriors out hit Indian River tonite and nearly came from behind this is gonna be a make or break game for Hickory. Good Luck in this one

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