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Originally Posted by No Hitter:

Coach Todd has not been in the classroom since he stepped down...Interesting.

What is interesting is that you continually bring Shaun Todd up on this board.  All of your posts are related to him.  In another thread, you said we should move on to the "real subject: baseball".  Perhaps you should take your own advice.

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luv baseball posted:

NRBB - Agree 100%.  The players cannot defend themselves from the coach.  Only adults Principals, AD's and Parents can prevent this from happening. Failure to do so is nothing short of dereliction of duty to the players. 


Maybe a AD or principal going down will cut this crap out.  Maybe seeing someone booted from a 100k principal gig because of some yahoo coach will get some attention.  A nice little lawsuit might get the school board involved.


Zero tolerance for finger guns or name calling for students but assaults by staff (coaches) by language in particular are routine.  It seems like easy pickings to me, but I am not a lawyer.  



Is he coaching the OS team next year? I hope not!!!

thumb1 posted:

How about leaving coach Todd alone.  This incident happened long enough ago that I'm not sure why it's even worth discussing.  The guy made a mistake and paid for it, DONE.  No Hitter, what's interesting is the rumors or lack of facts you have on coach Todd.  He is still a teacher, in the classroom. 


Looking at No Hitters' comments...those were posted in 2014.  Otherwise, I completely agree that it is entirely tiresome, to continue to bring this subject up.  Can we permanently squash this thread?????

bolz717 posted:

Oscar Smith has a good coach now and has really turned this program around.

I agree.  When the coach took over OS couldn't get out of its own way.  They spent a couple of years building and became competitive several years back.  Despite the occasional win over traditional baseball powers they have not been able to advance the next step and get on the level of WB or GF in their current conference. 

I believe the athletes are there and when they make the break through and start to draw even more widely they will be a real force to be reckoned with.  The 3rd string halfback on the football team might make a killer Leadoff and Centerfielder.  Just pulling 3 or 4 kids off of football into baseball might make them a real factor in baseball.  They have to start getting them in 8th and 9th grade and that is why the breakthrough is so important.  Who knows you may start getting the younger brothers of really good players like you do at places like GB, WB and Hickory among others. 

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