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Hello everybody,

Anyone have any ideas/experience about this tournament? RR23 Jr. will be playing this coming MLK weekend. This will be an inaugural event here in Arizona. It sounds like WWBA but looks like primarily in West Coast. It is a division of USA Select baseball. They also mentioned college coaches and professional scouts in the website.



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I guess I have a predecessor question. Does anyone know anything about USA Select Baseball. (Not to be confused with USA Baseball which is the National Baseball Organization for the US.)

Looking at their site, under the "About USA Select" it just talks about them being a 501c3 Non-Profit. Not anything about the history of their organization.

Just curious as I have not heard much about them. Before we can understand the WWBS tournament, I think we have to know more about the organization.
I assume you are Ryan Dyer with USA Select Baseball, right?

Instead of baiting us into looking into USA Select like you are a curious poster to this site, how about giving us some background as a representative for USA Select Baseball.

I think this was the link you were trying to post, regarding the coaches, instead of your e-mail address:

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Mr. EC Dad,

I re-posted the right link just to be sure. If you would check on my profile, you will see that those email address did not match up. I guess the moral of the story is you can never assume. Good Luck to you and thanks for looking and giving your input ( I PM'd you as well to make sure we close this loop ).

Thanks AZ ALLAN,

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I am glad I got the wrong Ryan then. That means your inquiry was genuine and not a shameless plug for a tournament or a new organization.
(Seems that everyone on here dislikes that quite a bit. Wink )

It would still be good for someone with more knowledge of the organization to give some feedback. It is kind of hard to assess the tournament without knowing more about the organization.

I guess that is the root of your original question, though, isn't it?
There are several in Arizona but the most popular ones are:

1) Arizona Fall Classic (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores)- Very well scouted event in Peoria,AZ

2) WWBA/PG National Championships ( Started last year in Tucson, AZ) - may develop to be the West Coast version of Jupiter.

3) Under Armour Winter Classic every December in Tucson, AZ

4) Now this WWBS.

5) High School Wooden Bat Fall leagues and Tournaments


I can only speak of Arizona though so maybe our NV/UT counterparts can chime in. I do not think that they are limited but it's always good to have variety.

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Ryan Dyer is the coach at Saguaro High School in Scottsdale.
USA Select is a Club/Academy organization they are trying to get off the ground.
This tourney is a new deal. The teams are pretty much high school teams so not alot of quality (as you expect in the winter.) left off one of the most elite tourneys out here, the Connie Mack World Seres Qualifier in June.
Most of the top teams in Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado attend this.
Smile TOURNAMENT SUMMARY as I promised from an earlier post:

14U 520 Elite beat the Saints 8 to 6 after trailing them 6 to 2 at bottom of 7th to win Championship. They were unbeated in the tourney.

16U Minnesota Classic won the championhip 6 to 5 against the AZ Mudhens.

520 Elite 16 U lost a tough one on an unearned run on Top of 7th vs Seattle Select. 520 Elite 16U tied the game @ bottom of 5th on a solo shot (see video)to LF but cannot score the runner @ 2b in the bottom of the 7th. Their overall record was 3-2. The Seattle select eventually lost to the Classic.


18U 520 Elite blanked the Sabercats Black 8-0 to win. They pretty much dominated the competition except the really close win in semifinals against the Sabercats Gold 4-3. They were unbeated as well in the tourney.

520 ELite 18U Champs!

Overall, I think the tournament was pretty competitive with most competition ( # of teams involved and more Out of State teams) in the 16U age group. USA Select teamed up with Triple Crown Sports to get this tournament off the ground. Got some reps in prior to tryouts and see some HS teams (in Arizona) prior to season. . GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE THIS SPRING!

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