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My son has what appears to be tendonitis on his left hand (he bats rightey) on the pinky-side of his hand/wrist.  Symptoms are sharp pain (5-7 on a scale of 10) during contact with the ball.  He played thru it the last couple games of the HS season.


Doctors ruled out any bone issues.  Its in a strange spot in that when swinging, the knob of the bat gets "pinched" between the soft pad under the pinky and his wrist right near that bony protrusion on the outside of your wrist.


Have been icing it alot (2x a day) for the past 10 days, and have been on ibuprofen (on and off) and haven't swung a bat in that same timeframe.  Has been pain-free for last 3-4 days, picked up a bat, first contact, pain right back as if he never took the past 10 days off.


Very strange ... can't figure it out.


Anyone out there have any similar experience with that part of the hand???

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I agree with Bulldog19.  My son had a hook of hamate fracture with similar symptoms. Long story  short: x ray missed it, MRI was "inconclusive"? and led finally to CT scan showing obvious fracture.  All told 3-4 months before fracture discovered. In other words, X-ray may not be adequate to rule out that type of fracture. 

new to these forums ... but went through a similar situation with my 2014 son.  After much searcing and misdiagnosis ... he ended up having a split tear of his UT ligament.  Same injury Jayson Werth had. Hard to diagnose ... not many people know about it.  Not many people fix it. We went to Jayson's werth's doctor at Mayo.  Happy to fill others in who may be experiencing unexplainable wrist pain.

Thanks for responding .... Update on original post:


After spending/wasting 3-4 weeks with "mis-diagnosis" of what ended up being a contusion (not a fracture or break) of the Hamate bone.  My son had to miss 4 weeks of the summer-ball season keeping his wrist immobilized and allowing it to heal.


LESSONS LEARNED - If your player/son is exhibiting any wrist-pain on the pinky-side of the lead arm in his batting stance.  Immediately have an MRI done to verify that it is/is not indeed a Hamate bone issue.  If it is mis-diagnosed as "strained-ligaments/tendons" ... ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, and rest will make it feel better but will not heal a bone contusion/fracture.  In fact, you will waste time going back and forth trying to play and then not-play as the issue persists.  While I appreciated the 1st doctor's concern to not rush to have an expensive MRI done and my own desire to think that it was nothing ... as a "baseball-dad/family" we should have just did it immediately right up front to minimize my son's "down-time."


Be aware that after being laid-up for 4 weeks, my son experienced little nagging aches and pains (nothing significant, but certainly different for him) in different parts of his wrist and hand as he worked hard to get back into "game-shape" hitting wise.  We also had to backoff his hitting-practice regimen in the 2-3 weeks after being laid-up but he did make a full recovery.  Also of note, he had a bone-contusion NOT an actual fracture which I am told would have meant 6-7 weeks off.  Recurring fractures might require surgery ... Yikes!!


Side Note - I used the 4-week break and the in-season sense of "urgency" to instill a hardcore speed and core workout regimen with my son which he normally would have strongly resisted in-season .... apparently it stuck, he still is doing it after the season wrapped up ... SWEET!!

UPDATE to my earlier post for anybody out there experiencing similar issues .....


The Hamate bone injury-problem has resurfaced.  Decided to get an expert that sees this kind of injury more frequently.  Connected with the Seattle Mariners team physician.  After our consultation, we have decided to go with the surgery to remove the Hamate bone.  Much different conversation with him versus our first doctor who was more of a general orthopedic specialist.  Feel better about our decision on the surgery, felt much more educated on the what/why/how of the nature of the injury and how to correct ... although I abhor the idea of surgery.


Will circle-back to give updates on how things go ..... stay tuned.

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