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Just got back from Fort Myers.  Team finished 4-1-1.  Missed bracket by giving up 1 to many runs (1st game.......6-1 lead through 5.  Gave up 2 in 6th and 2 in 7th).  Those runs ended up killing us.

Winner take pool game vs. eventual #1 seed ended up 1-0 (run scored on an IFH, and 3 passed balls/WP).  Both teams threw 2 hitters.

The talent down there is just outrageous.  It's hard to tell people of the difference between a local tournament and these.

Overall a great experience for my 2022.  Got 2 innings of work (2H, 0BB, 0R, 1K) and went 2/4 with 2 singles.  Would have played more, but tweaked knee in 2nd game and was shut down until consolation where coach put him in for an AB (danged if he didn't almost hit it to LC fence for a S).  Should have heard the boys yelling for him to "go to 2, go to 2".  Loved that he didn't get down and helped out the team however. 

Played with some new friends, met some old ones, and enjoyed some baseball.   

We had a few new international players on our team, son says "i've learned some new words......"

Now to take the rest of the fall off, work hard, and be ready for HS season. 

Everyone have a safe rest of fall.

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We just got back also. My son, a 2023, played in the Underclass and in the World. Like you said, the talent level there was next level. Just no way to compare it to local/regional tournaments. We matched up against Team Elite in our second game and were able to come away with a 2-1 W. In looking at the Team Elite roster, it was crazy the amount of future draft picks on that team. That was a fun game. My son's team made it into bracket play and they lost the first game.

Overall a great experience down in Ft. Myers. I know there was a bunch of pro scouts there along with D2, D3, and JUCO coaches. I can't imagine how much more crazy it would have been with D1's allowed to be out and recruiting. I have seen pics of years past with the golf carts, so I imagine it is a zoo.

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@Senna posted:

That was a good game, @ARCEKU211. Your pitcher was dealing...9 Ks on both sides, I think?

Yea, he pitched well that game. He is a stud. It was good to see him throw well against TE in front of all those scouts. He has had a bunch of scouts watching him all summer. But I think his performance against TE may have helped out his draft status.

I believe you are correct there were 9 K's on both sides. TE's guys were horses also. Power arm after power arm on that team. The size of the kids on TE amazed me. Crazy.

That was such a fun game. Could have gone either way.

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