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My son's travel team is scheduled to play at a Triple Crown and Diamond Nation event the same week as WWBA 2021 event at East Cobb. Two questions, will there be any top schools/coaches at the TC and DN events at this time and if my son had a chance to play for an unknown team going to WWBA, should he skip TC and DN with him team to participate? Thanks

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There are a lot of questions that factor into this but the most important being - Has your son been in contact with any schools or is he looking to establish contact now? If none, you're going to have to give some background info on your son and what type of schools he is interested in.

Your son's travel team not going to the WWBA is already giving me an idea of the situation. But Triple Crown (at least in the tri-state area) is pretty weak in terms of competition and being useful for recruiting. I have my opinions on Diamond Nation, but all I will say is that it's just the venue. The colleges in attendance are there based on connections they have with travel coaches, and because kids (they are interested in) email them and let them know they're playing there. They don't just show up because DN is hosting a tournament. 

What level schools have asked to see your son pitch this summer?  Can your son ask them where they will be?  Where else is his current team playing all summer?  Is it just TC and DN tournaments?  Is he going to do any showcases, like PBR?  Is he looking locally, nationally, or what?

A lot of this has to do with level of school.  My son went to WWBA every year, but in the end, the schools that were actively interested in him (HA D3) were not there.  I'm sure that the fact that he was at WWBA, playing well against high-level teams, didn't hurt.  But there was no direct benefit to him from having played there (that we could tell, anyway).  But also, he did play in other higher-level tournaments, did PBR, Headfirst, etc., where he was seen by various schools.

CTBaseballDad15 posted:

My son is a Junior and has been in touch with many coaches and several who say they want to see him pitch this year, a concern is that coaches won't pass on WWBA to attend TC or DN when slot of the 2021 talent is at WWBA. Should my son try to get on a team going to WWBA as an added player to a smaller roster in hopes of more coaches seeing him there?

As I mentioned earlier you're going to have to give some background info. Which level are the schools, which conference, which region, etc? You don't have to name the specific schools, but some context is necessary. 

Depends, like others have said, on the contact he has or these coaches have expressed. What position?  What part of the country do you live? What area is he interested in attending school?

You can’t beat the density of scouts at WWBA. 

We live in Austin, TX and my son wanted to go East to schools (ACC/SEC). You have to go where the scouts and schools are that you want exposure to. Our local travel team didn’t go East often. So we did it on our own for some college prospect camps (UNC/Duke/UVA) and then again getting recruited to East Cobb Astros in order to attend the WWBA  in Ft Meyers and again in Jupiter as a PO. Do not NOT go to Jupiter! That’s where my son got his exposure (more so than Ft Meyers) and offers. Do what you have to to show around for a spot. Everyone wants to take extra arms and bats. 

Also make sure you visit many colleges and campuses. Nothing like being in the city and on campus to make your list of potential schools of interest.

What if he hates a city? (Cough,cough Durham) . That school drops off the list. Wouldn’t have if he never visited....

Again, more information needed for better suggestions ....

I agree with all of the above.  Not all WWBAs are created equal.  Now that PG is not at Lake Point anymore, it's harder to tell which one is the best now.  The WWBA World Series are usually the way to go, so see if this new team will attend. Tomball Texas and Hoover Alabama are the new top locations I believe. In the past, hundreds of coaches attended these tournaments. But, if they didn't know who your kid was, you had to hope a coach just happened to be at the field when/if your son played like a beast. So, your son must be in contact with coaches in advance (which included sending over the game schedule a few days before) and the travel coach must be willing to go to bat (pun intended) for your son.  Some players have their transcripts and scores with them in case a coach seeks them out.  Not necessary, but it can be helpful. Our coaches always gave out a team roster to any coaches that were there.  This actually led to a few pitchers being seen and getting offers. It's very helpful. 

We did both TC events and DN. Never saw coaches at TC and only certain DN weeks are when many coaches attend.  As you can see when you look at the summer schedule, they do many, many tournaments. In the past, it has been the Super 17 events in June. 

It might make sense for your son to directly ask coaches which events they attend so it may better help him decide what to do.  

It's a long slog through the recruiting process. But, this summer is critical. Make sure you gather videos during his HS season to share with coaches too. And get out there and see campuses.  At this point, you do not want to waste time on schools that are not a good fit. 


Agree with Super 17. My 2020 did a PG event in Jersey or Staten Island the same time of Super 17 last year. Most college RCs were at Super 17. Son's organization learned not to do that again.

OP, if you are looking at schools in the Northeast, you should look into the PBR state events as well. Not sure you can get into the NYS games, but that always has a ton of schools.

But again, find out where the coaches that your son is in contact with are going to be.

My 2020 is committed to a school in CT and going through the same with my 2022, feel free to PM.

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