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Chi più sa, meno crede.

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Texas Crude, Fill in a few blanks. What town ---- What date ----- What age? Thanks
Texas Crude,

We were there as 12U and are coming this year as 14U. As I understand it, your hotel should be based upon the fields you play your pool play. I think we are pretty spread out in order to accommodate the large number of teams.

As 12U, we were able to go to watch a UT game.
Baltimore Buzz was here in 2005 . We enjoyed this more than the NABF WS in Nashville that same year . We stayed and played in Oak Ridge and played in Rockwood as well . Beautiful area located in the mountains . If you would happen to own dirt bikes or atvs , definately take them along , Coal Creek ATV Club is right outside of town . 100's of ATVs in the Hotel parking lots in the morning . Overall , a quality tournament , well run , respectable competition , beautiful area . Enjoy !! Ooh.........if a thunderstorm would happen to blow in , let those unbrellas fly . I pulled a Mary Poppins in the middle of the Rockwood complex .
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Well run tourney its just that rain always seems to come in to play! Just got back from the U11 one and will be heading back down for the U14 in June. Doc does very well getting the best teams in town! It's an easy 6 hour drive from Columbus, Ohio.

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