Thank you all. Yes, it's about a 2 hour drive away, and I've already read the tailgating policy...

Few things I learned during this process; As other have said, being on a team and/or having coaches that have college connections was invaluable. My son wouldn't be in the spot he is today without them, but a few things we had to navigate.

1) Too many cooks in the kitchen. In our case there were a few times where multiple coaches/contacts would be reaching out on son's behalf. All may mean well, but can lead to communication issues.

2) Once your kid's coach makes the connection, have your son take over. Meaning, you want your son to be dealing directly with the college, not going through his coach once the initial introduction is done.

3) Your coach is trying to get your entire team recruited, in some cases with larger organizations it may be multiple teams. While the coaches may have the best of intentions, they may only be looking at the baseball side of things and trying to get as many players placed as possible and not be fully aligned with every kid's best interest. Hope this makes sense.

And signed....I can be a bit paranoid so was holding my breath until oldest got his NLI and returned it today. Applied ED, and has everything in. Hasn't officially been admitted yet but they've also confirmed his merit award amount (could have varied by a few k either way depending on applicants), so we're set.

This board is a great resource, I saw something recently on Instagram of someone trying to sell their services as a "recruiting consultant" and it was as much of a train wreck as you'd expect.

Congratulations and enjoy the relief!  We too signed yesterday and I was being superstitious about it all until it was signed, sent back to the school and they confirmed he is all set! 

I hope to see many more success stories on the forum for years to come!  I'm sticking around, even though he was my one and only!

Best wishes to all the signees and parents!

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