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I don't post much, but just wanted to thank all of you that have offered words of encouragement and support throughout the past few years.  I've absorbed so much information in these boards and it has been invaluable!

Last post was about 2024's decisions he had to make and waiting on an offer from his "dream school."

Well, he committed and signed in November to play for University of North Carolina at Charlotte! He is over the moon! He had been talking with the coaches for a year and loves the school and coaches.  It is a fantastic school and amazing program! He, and us, are beyond stoked!!!  Coach Woodard and Coach Oh and Coach Bicknell are amazing humans and coaches and we are so excited!!!

Thanks again everyone!

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Huge congratulations!!  Finding a good fit at a good school with a good program and stand-up coaches is truly something to celebrate.

I, too, don't post much here any more but your post stirred some nostalgia.  Coach Woodard's dad (Prepster) has been above-and-beyond helpful to our family through the years, originating here on HSBBW.  He offered help with regard to my son both during his playing career and later, his college coaching path.  And, more recently, was even very instrumental in guiding our move across the country and finding our new home.  We were able to meet up along the way and talk quite a bit about his son and what drives him as a coach.  Yours is truly in great hands!

Okay, you smoked me out, Cabbagedad! Any help that I might have provided was a labor of love, as there are no finer people than your son and daughter-in-law. Of course, they come from great stock!

BaseballMOM05, I hope you'll forgive me for not chiming in earlier; but, once my son began coaching, I intentionally distanced myself from communications involving his recruiting.  It's very much his and his staff's bailiwick, and I do everything I can to support its independence. Having said that, I am always delighted to hear when a player has committed to his program; which is exactly how I reacted to your initial post when I read it.

I'm excited for your son and your family. He'll have an opportunity to receive a great education, and he'll work with a coaching staff that is absolutely dedicated to his growth and development; both on and off the field.

Best wishes to him and your family, and thanks very much to my fine friends here. I don't post all that much here any more; but, I stop by and read from time to time. It's great that the site can continue serving as the helpful resource that it has always been.

P.S. to BaseballMOM05: When you attend a game, please stop by row B just to the left of home plate and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you and others in your family. You won't have much trouble finding me. I'll be the one "helping" the umpires out when it's obvious that they need it. 

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