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This May marks 15 years since my dad, bbscout, passed away.  I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude for all of the amazing words spoken about him throughout these forums.  It is a genuine pleasure to see the legacy he left behind through his ability to connect with players, educate parents,  and to support coaches in the craft he loved so much…baseball.  It may fall on deaf ears or seem silly, but the ability to read through these posts has kept me feeling a closeness to him.  Thank you all for the memories, discussions and condolences over the years.  He really was the best!9E50D8F7-AB96-48B9-8243-9A6A927CCCFC890F9236-2AA1-49C4-8067-149B9DFC079D9FF197F3-DD9A-4A8C-86B0-5E9578509BA9  


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Wow!  Thank you for logging on and creating this thread.  I talk about your dad all of the time.  Back in the day, when all of these "gurus" were arguing the swing, your dad was level-headed and such a valuable contributor to several sites.  In fact, your dad used to talk about the concept of tip and rip and I included it in my team and child's hitting.  I don't know how many of us old-timers are left from those days.  Your dad was special!  I will always cherish our friendship.  Please take care of yourself and tell your brothers hi.  (Cannonball from another site.) 


What a truly wonderful post and thread!

Your Dad was not only an exceptional member for his contributions on this site, he was incredibly kind and generous in privately guiding and supporting individual members.

Our son was a D3 player with a vibrant goal of being drafted and getting a chance. After exchanging a few private messages, Doug responded in a really positive way. Sure enough, it happened.

Not long after our messaging, your Dad called me in my office. Stanford was playing that night but it looked like rain. Could we get together? I was speechless!

I cannot think of anyone who loved baseball and those who played it like your Dad. Pretty sure his trips to Idaho (Lewis Clark) and other Northern regions during the early (February) was one example of his devotion

One message from him always reverberated here: “MLB scouts are paid to find players who have to be drafted. If they don’t they get fired.”

Each time I watch “Trouble With the Curve,” I think it has to be about your Dad!

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Thank you for posting. This means so much to me as well as those that remember your Dad and all of his great advice and words of wisdom.

The year that he passed away was the same year that son was drafted, I am forever grateful that his private words to me was that he would benefit from playing in college for 3 years.  He was soooo right.

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bbgurl, as I told you in a private message, when I was approving your registration I immediately got tears in my eyes when I read that you are the daughter of bbscout. That's how special he was and still is to our little baseball community, as a man as well as a baseball pro. So glad that you have stopped by, and that you shared these photos. Very touching.


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