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Brackets will be drawn Tuesday the 27th at 7:00 pm.

Here are the teams:

Dallas Knights White
Dallas Yankees
Dallas Patriots 18
Dallas Mustangs Carpenter
Arlington A's Acton
Columbia Angels
Houston Heat Silver
South Texas Sliders 17
Lubbock Hubbers
Missouri Sluggers
Kansas City Sluggers
Broken Arrow OK Tigers
Berryhill OK Chieftans
Bill Hood LA Broncos
Cherry Creek CO Bruins
Albuquerque Heat

The game sites are:

Broken Arrow HS
Lincoln Christian HS
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Hubbers won the tournament in Round Rock this weekend - don't know the exact name but they played at a high school field in Georgetown.
Don't know all the players but here's a few:
Miles Morgan -Lubbock Coronado
Darren Lawless - Levelland
Chad Farr - Levelland
Hector Limon - Lubbock Estacado
AJ Ramos - Lubbock Estacado
Josh Wilson - Midland
JW Wilson - Midland
Jason Siefield - Clovis, NM
couple of kids from Lubbock Christian High School and a couple from Lubbock High
Thanks KnightCoach & bballmom2,

I have watched most of these Hubbers players these past few years. My son has grown up competing with or against Big E (Evan Gerald). Son has hit & pitched against those Lubbock Estacado, Coronado & Midland players listed during pre-season.

I hope these players do well. Sorry KnightCoach, but I have to root for our West Texas & South Plains area players.
Sliders Roster:

1 Mike Brzezinski......C.....SA O'Connor..05
2 Bryan Minzenmeyer...IF.....La Grange....05
3 Jake Petro...........P.....SA Churchill.05
4 Pepe Mancha........IF/P....Blanco.......05
10 Bradley Suttle....IF/P....Boerne.......05
11 Kyle Thebeau......P/OF....CC Carroll...05
12 Chip Nance..........P.....CC Calallen..05
14 James Keithley.....IF.....SA Reagan....05
19 Seth Hammock......UT/P....CC Carroll...05
20 Tyler Mickits.....OF/P....Greg-Port....05
22 Casey Allen......P/IF/C...Greg-Port....05
24 Mike Meaden.......OF/P....Alamo Height.05
25 Taylor Spalla.....1B/OF...Boerne.......05
26 Nathaniel Ramirez..P/IF...SA Reagan....05
27 Joe Pawelek.........C.....Smith Valley.05
44 Anthony Vasquez....P/OF...SA Reagan....05


It's OK to cheer for your locals. I root for the ones I know too (just not against my team, hehe). I talked with Evan the night before their championship game and wished him luck. I was hoping we would get to see each other once more before he goes off to A&M.

By the way... there will be two Blacksox in the tourney.

Chris Hougin.....Dallas Patriots
Heath Taylor.....Dallas Knights

Another west Texas player:

Tyler Haile......Dallas Yankees
The A.A.B.C. 18U regional Qualifying Tournament Wed., July 28th at Broken Arrow High School and at Lincoln Christian.


Arlington A's 2 Lubbock Hubbers 3
Dallas Knights 4 Albequrque Heat 11
Dallas Patriots 8 Kansas Sluggers 6
S. Texas Sliders 14 Broken Arrow Tigers 12
Lubbock Hubbers 6 Albequrque Heat 1
Dallas Patriots vs S. TexasSliders POSTPONED RAIN

Dallas Mustangs 1 Cherry Creek 0
Dallas Yankees 2 Bill Hood 0
Houston Heat 4 Missouri Sluggers 0
Columbia Angels 10 Berryhill 0
Dallas Yankees 5 Dallas Mustangs 2

Houston Heat vs Columbia Angels SUSPENDED RAIN

Play will resume at 8:00am Friday.
Coons, It was the same A's as the qualifier.

Linebaugh started. Pitched into 7th. Renfro relieved for 2 hitters. Towns relieved and worked out of a bases loaded, one out situation. A's had winning run on 2nd or 3rd with less than 2 outs five times. 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. Linebaugh worked out of the 6th and Towns worked out of each jam thereafter. Brian Sisk homered in the top of the 11th. Langford pithced the bottom of the 11th for the save.

Mobunts, Sluggers (H) up 6-2 bottom of 4th over Broken Arrow HS (V)
Just in my hotel room. I pitch for the Cherry Creek CO team. Played two games today already, and due to play again at midnight.

Cherry Creek Bruins 4
Bill Hood (Louisiana) Broncos 1

Cherry Creek Bruins 12
Missouri Sluggers 3

We play the South Texas Sliders at midnight tonight. I'm pretty sure that the Dallas Mustangs just defeated the Houston Heat 5-1 earlier tonight.

Brice Bisel
From the Connie Mack Southern Plains Regional, the Columbia Angels (4-0) will face the South Texas Sliders (3-1), at 10:30am, this morning,

Saturday evening scores....

Angels 5 - Dallas Patriots 2
WR: McLemore (2H,0ER,11K)

Matt Carpenter hit a 3-run blast to lead the Angels, while Mike Heard pitched in with a double.

The Heat was eliminated 5-1, Saturday evening. The Dallas Patriots were eliminated this morning, by the Dallas Mustangs.

The remaining four teams:
Columbia Angels (4-0)
S. Texas Sliders (3-1)
Dallas Mustangs (3-1)
Lubbock Hubbers (3-1)
Columbia Angels 7 - South Texas Sliders 0
WP: Joel Harris

Spencer Jackson launches a grand slam homerun, to lead the Angels (5-0) to another win.

The Dallas Mustangs get a bye, so the Angels will now face the Lubbock Hubbers (3-1). Eventhough the Mustangs have a loss, the weird rule of drawing for a bye, after each round, puts the Angels in a strange predicament. Connie Mack rules prohibit a team from playing four games in one day. If the Angels beat the Hubbers, but lose to the Mustangs, the Mustanges would advance to Farmington, based on runs allowed.

If the Angels lose to the Hubbers, they get a bye, while the Hubbers face the Mustangs, for the right to play in the Championship Game.

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