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Depends on what you want to follow. . . D1 follows college ball closely, but the coverage is heavily on the SEC and the top 25 D1 teams.  It is probably the best for the CWS. Baseball America is better for following high draft picks and certainly for following the minor leagues.  They don't really have the same focus. Both are expensive, in my opinion, and fairly random in providing information about, say, all 600 players who will be drafted each year. 

IMO, the best overall tool for a fan is Baseball Reference! 

@Master P posted:

In my opinion there is no better big time college baseball coverage than D1.  Granted, its mainly SEC focused but it has a lot of great articles.

They added the SEC part about a year ago.

During the fall they highlight all teams and conferences. During season they have every team and player's gamestats. They have a lot of great podcasts. Towards the draft they break down top players.

No one does it as well as they do. JMO.

@Master P posted:

Thank Title IX.  That will NEVER change.

No. A requirement for equal funding is not part of Title IX.

This myth blaming women for men not being paid was first put forth by Mark Emmert, NCAA president, after the organization lost the O'Bannon case.

If you are interested, below is further reading about why Title IX is not a barrier to paying male athletes. These pages are from "Indentured", a 2016 book on the NCAA by Joe Nocera, a former sportswriter.

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63 football full rides, even for the guys who sit the bench for 4 years but, sure, blame it all on Title IX.


used to be 95

started out at 105

all heacount

vs equivalency for baseball



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