My son is interested in several D3 schools in the same conference.  They are similar in size and academic level.  He was asked to visit one of the schools on an overnight and they asked for pre-read documents.  We think that this school is very promising, and it is his desired school.  He will say yes if they offer.

So here is the scenario and two questions at the end.  There are 4 schools that he has eyes on in the conference.  All four coaches were at a showcase a few weeks ago.  He has spoken to all 4 coaches.  He followed up with all 4 coaches after the showcase.  Coach ‘A’ e-mailed him back and said that they had filled his desired position.  Two days later Coach ‘B’ e-mailed and invited for the overnight.  Coach ‘C’ and ‘D’ have been radio silent even though one seemed very interested during face to face conversation at showcase.

So my questions are:

  • Do coaches within the same conference share recruit names and current player status if they have already fill that specific position on their teams roster. I know these guys have to all be friends at some level and may scratch each other’s back.  Or in other words do all four coaches know that Coach ‘B’ is interested.
  • The overnight at ‘B’ is 2 weeks away. In the mean time do we continue to pursue the other coaches ‘C’ and ‘D’.  I ask because I don’t want my son to jeopardize the overnight with ‘B’, but the clock continues to tick away.


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You pursue every available opportunity until you have offer in hand. However, due to lack of an athletic money at a D3 an offer is as secure as eating soup with a fork. Unless the coach offers to grease the player through admissions. 

There is no harm in staying in contact with the other coaches. The coaches have there new teams on campus now or will soon. Many have Fall ball starting. The teams I know use this as an opportunity to bring recruits to campus to watch some Practices and see the program/school. 

D3's Can only really offer assistance through admissions. They can show interest and say we want you. But there is no NLI r any other "Offer". 

When my son was being recruited they made it clear that they wanted him but never pushed for a "commitment".  D3 recruiting is a long process. The first stages are just starting. If a school is interested they will probably ask you to apply Early Action or Early Decision. 

The schools that are interested will start asking him to apply soon. 

Looks like you are from NY. There are plenty of D3 schools in your neck of the woods, no reason to target just one particular conference. There are plenty of Conferences in NY, at least 7, 8 if you count the UAA. And 46 schools.

I found very helpful during my sons d3 recruiting. Learned quite a bit reading the boards for the conferences interested in him. 



Samslider, it is certainly possible that those coaches are talking.  Sometimes they do.  On the other hand, they compete against each other in conference and surely compete for many of the same players in the region.  So, from that perspective, it doesn't make sense to avoid same recruits.  So, you don't know for sure without coming out and asking directly.

Perhaps the safer route would be for him to contact coach C and tell him he is being pursued by school B and likes many aspects about the school.  But he also is very interested in school C and wants to find out more about the school and Coach C's interest level so he can make the best decision if there is a choice to be made.  By the player leading the pursuit, that may alleviate some of coach C concerns if recruiting against coach B is even an issue.

In my experience coaches in the same conference tend to be more tight lipped each other then some others. This expands if you are talking about teams that are rivals for top finishes and recruitment battles. I don't mean to imply none would ever talk but it certainly goes down in conference. 

RJM posted:

You pursue every available opportunity until you have offer in hand. However, due to lack of an athletic money at a D3 an offer is as secure as eating soup with a fork. Unless the coach offers to grease the player through admissions. 


In its simplest terms this is like dating, engagement (verbal commit), marriage (admissions).   Yes, your son is allowed to talk to other coaches and visit campuses.   I would strongly encourage your son to reach out to as many schools that interest him.   Do you think for a minute these Coaches are talking to other recruits about your son's position....absolutely.   Until the offer is made, you are still dating regardless of what conference, or division.

Yes, coaches from the same conference probably know who you are but don't share recruiting status with each other.  I talked to my son's college pitching coach about this (many years ago...son had initial interest from 4 schools in same conference) and he told me they want to win the recruiting battles over their rivals.  So, there is healthy competition there among coaches.   I would use that to your advantage as it demonstrates you are "fishing in the right pond".  Your son needs to gently reach out to the rest of these other schools to gauge their interest level.  Yes, I know you haven't heard from them in a couple weeks.   Be assertive and demonstrate interest.

As always, JMO.  

Always continue to stay in touch. Just as your son's process is ongoing, so is the school's. Maybe they're not terribly interested today, but next week, when their first choice doesn't get admitted or gets hurt or any one of a million things, you want to be the first person on their backup list.

These coaches are experts at playing the recruiting game. They will always be enthusiastic in front of you because they want to keep your son on their string just in case they need him. This is a business for those coaches, it needs to be for your son as well.

I agree, especially at many D3's. Not all D3's academics are so high, that you need a coaches assistance. 

At these D3's you are really dating until you show up on Campus in the fall. 

One other thing, it costs you nothing to reach out again as Fenway suggests. Coaches want to know you have interest in their program and school. You may be surprised at what showing additional interest may do.

Also, my son was recruited by almost every program in the conference he ended up in. I may be concerned if there is only one program in a conference showing interest. Either the other coaches have no interest, or they don't know about you. And if you got the proper exposure, they do. 

If you do not have a lot of interest from programs in that conference, it may be an indication that coaches do not see you as a contributor on their team.

Now this advice applies mostly to teams in the region you live. The further you are from the conference the less true this advice is.

Just my opinion. 

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