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Seems as we move up the baseball food chain that umps call fewer and fewer balks in our area.

In little kids' ball, they occurred all the time. Umps would scream out "BALK!" at the top of their lungs (scaring the heck out of the 12 year old pitcher a few feet away). A memorable and embarrassing lesson, no doubt

Later, I saw one JV Legion pitcher get hit three times in two innings with balks.

But in HS varsity I see almost none called. True, the pitchers are smarter by then. But is there a difference in ump thinking in regard to balks at HS varsity level?

How often are pitchers hit with balk calls in your area?
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I would add that at the older levels, most of the pitchers have been pitching now for a good long time and have learned how not to balk. At least on the most obvious balks.....

Younger ages balk all the time..........knowingly and unknowingly......calling every one is a lesson in futility....some are: failure to a complete stop......dropping the ball on the mound, feinting to first...Being on the mound without the ball.....etc....

Older pitchers have that down pat......there are a myriad of other balks, but you see them less and less.....and most assocations temper balk calls with "intent to decieve"......

A saying i was told 20+ years ago was to call

100% of all the balks everyone sees....mst of the balks that baseball people see...(coaches,players and umpires).....and none of the balks that only you see.........
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PIAA you mentioned being on the mound without the ball. If this happens after a defensive time out, when do you put the ball back in play to have this be called a balk. Example, Defensive time out, ball is given to 1B, bases are loaded. Defense takes positions batter steps in Pitcher takes the mound and comes set on the pitchers plate. Runners take their leads, Pitcher steps off the plate 1B tags the runner at first and shows the Umpire crew the ball. Where in this sequence do you put the ball back in play?

FYI: This did happen and the UIC did not call the balk stating he never put the ball in play. Everyone at the game thought the ball was in play inculding the base umpire who called the kid out at first.
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Hot can not have a balk with a time out.....time can only be put in play when the pitcher is on the rubber with the ball........

This happens all the time.....players try the hidden ball trick, but do not understand that the time can not be put back in until the pitcher is on the mound WITH the ball......the proper mechanic is to do nothing until the ball is returned to the pitcher...bad call by bas umpire.......made him look foolish......good save by UIC.....

PA, my business travel schedule did not allow me to participate.......did make it back to watch one game as a spectator.....

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