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PG or bbscout,

If and when MLB goes to a 35 round draft - instead of 50 rounds - do you think it will have an impact on the D&F process?


Hi Huntersville Smile, I agree with PG, just the 15 less rounds will make a difference. It won't bother me, as I would rather sign a player right now instead of waiting and watching. In fact, I wish that there was no draft at all......it would be much more fun scouting. My feeling is that if you like a player as a prospect, then sign him, if you don't, then don't draft him. If the draft were eliminated, it would not take long to find out who can scout and who can't.

And that's the way it used to be many years ago. That sounds like fun. No scouts taking it easy and getting by on BS in the old days. Wouldn't it be great if you could be the first to see a kid and could sign him before everyone in the world caught on.

Perhaps the one thing that bothers me the most is that we are actually part of the problem. A couple hard working scouts find a great prospect and before long the whole world knows about him. And often it's because of us!
Said by PGstaff..

"A couple hard working scouts find a great prospect and before long the whole world knows about him."

How does that work? I mean is there some reporting system that scouts can pipe into..or is it mostly by word of mouth?

I guess what I'm wondering is "Do some organizations stay pretty tight mouthed about some prospects?" In other words do they really share openly or not?

And back to the research of developing pitchers (in MLB)...what's a good timeline or general consensus of how this plays out?

If you see many free agents coming on board does that imply that the orginal team which had (drafted) that player is the one who developed the players skills?

Any comments...are appreciated..love this topic.
I agree with you 100%. Few scouts do their work finding a prospect, and the rest just follow the generated fame. This situation make a lot of teams persuing the same player, raising his value, and others more or less same quality players fall down in the draft scale. At the end, some players signed at first and second round don't pass class A, at the same time others in lower rounds develop in great players.

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This topic caught my eye because I may have a good chance being a Draft and Follow. I'm going JC and I'm coming off Tommy John surgery very well! I'm not throwing 90 yet, but it's just a matter of time when I do. For the scouts I've talked to, it's worth it to them to Draft and Follow me because I'm going to a JC and I may come back really strong in the year they have the rights to me since I'm showing good signs of coming back really strong! I think if I signed D1 they wouldn't waste a draft pick on me and just wait until I'm 21 or my junior year! I think going JC really leaves your options open while playing college baseball but could sign at any time! That's probably the biggest reason why I'm going JC, so I can leave every option open since I don't know how I'll be throwing in a year!

Also, I was talking with a scout and he said most of the time scouts follow other scouts! He said he's seen when one scout leaves so will all the others becasue that scout probably is going to another baseball game to scout someone else! If I was a scout all I would do is find out who is the best scout around my area and be at every game he's at!! It would be really nice if there wasn't a draft. I think there are a lot of scouts out there that have know idea what they're doing and if you could sign them on the spot, it would really show you who could scout!!


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