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Starting pitcher walks first batter in 5th inning. Relief picher enters and strikes out next two, then walks a batter then hits a batter loading bases. Then a pass ball occurs scoring runner on 3rd base. Batter is then retired ending inning. Games ends 1-0. I know the starting pitcher is the loser but is the run earned or unearned?

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Errors are tallied by baserunners advancing a base/bases because of a fielding error that otherwise would have either kept the baserunner from advancing or being put out.

It's not necessary for runners to advance in order for an error to be charged.

10.12 (a) The official scorer shall charge an error against any fielder:....(2) when such fielder muffs a foul fly to prolong the time at bat of a batter, whether the batter subsequently reaches first base or is put out;

No runner can advance on an uncaught foul ball, yet an error may be charged.
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