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Anyone know much about this? Having two camps in March. Randy Sullivan has taken 18 acres and changed from Armory to FBR. Looks like the camps in March will be run by him & Ron Wolforth. Been wanting to do a TBR camp but this will be much closer to home. Just wondering whether anyone's heard much about it. Not sure whether to do or wait until later and do the TBR.

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Randy has participated as a coach at TBR for many years, so he has trained under Ron Wolforth and staff, and I think he is very good.  My son went to TBR a few months ago and Randy was in from FL teaching. They actually announced the FBR while we were there. Randy was fantastic and you could tell he, the Wolforth's, and the rest of the TBR coaches were all on the same page as far as teaching philosophy. Randy has great enthusiasm and you can tell he is very knowledgeable. My son really liked him. From some marketing e-mails we've received, I think Ron is bringing the full TBR staff to Florida for these initial camps. My guess is that the format will be just like the TBR camps so I wouldn't be concerned that it was in Florida and not Texas. I bet the Florida Baseball Ranch will do very well. If you decide to go, I'll hope you'll share with the rest of us what you thought.

My son has worked with Randy a couple of times at the Armory.  I can't speak specifically for the new facility of course, but our experiences with Randy (and the rest of his staff) have been very good.

It's just an anecdotal example, but my son first visited Randy after completing several months of rehab for pretty bad elbow tendonitis. After a head to toe evaluation and video analysis Randy suggested some mechanical changes, and sent my son home with a written plan for drills to do for the next 3 weeks.

By the time he was done with the plan, my son had added about 7 mph to his velocity - and was throwing pain free for the first time in about a year.  So, we're pretty big fans.

Thanks for the replies. We're going to give it a go, will report back on the experience. Don't think all the TBR staff will be at this one but believe Sullivan & Wolforth will be running the camp. Heard great things about TBR and nothing but positives on Sullivan. Hoping this will help with sons velocity. Sits 80-82 some days and 84-86 others. Hasn't made big gains in past three years despite becoming bigger and stronger. I believe he has some inefficiency issues. Guess we'll find out soon.


We've been to the TBR and this December went to the Armory.  Really like Randy...he's more accessible IMHO than Ron and we like Ron at TBR a lot too.  Randy also has the physical therapy background which we found extremely helpful.

These weekend bootcamps are an introduction to their way of thinking and methodology.  For my 2012 and my 2016 (and for me), they were the start of looking at pitching/throwing instruction and training in a new and very different way.  My 2016 did a week with Randy this off season and it was an extension of things he learned initially at a weekend bootcamp.

Good luck! 

Returned from the camp & very pleased. Got to say it was different than I anticipated but couldn't be happier. It a pretty intense but fun three days, very motivational. Randy Sullivan, Ron Wolforth, and the Florida Baseball Ranch staff is awesome. Each player's mechanics and broken down and flaws are identified and explained. The great part of this is the coaches are able to explain what they are doing and how to correct in a way anyone can understand. For the first time I feel like we're treating a cause and not the symptoms. Each player comes home with a plan specific to them. I truly belive if the plan is executed by the kid the money spent is well spent. Coaches Sullivan & Wolforth are very approachable and do an excellent job making sure players have a clear understanding of what they need to do when they return home. Without going into great detail I'll just say I highly recommend going if you have the opportunity. My only regret is I didnt take my son to a TBR Bootcap a couple of years ago. I'm hoping to take my son back for a weekend camp during the summer.

Great to hear it!  Ron and Randy are superb IMHO.

Now the hard work begins...being able to execute the plan at home.  My boys were challenged to do that.  Not a lot of local coaches (actually none) buying in.  So we found to continue to make progress they had to work on their own (or with me) a lot.

Since your guy has done a bootcamp, I highly recommend a week in TX or FL.  Not sure how FBR will go, but TBR ran Mon-Thurs ~ 2 hours each in the morning and afternoon.  It was the next step beyond the bootcamp, building upon the work done previously.

Really don't have anything to add just find this thread interesting as my son is friends with both of their boys and will be teammates with both of them in college next year.  Interesting connection.  Lots of the arms at his future school come through TBR and FBR/Armory.  My guess is because the coaching staff is all in on that type of training so pitchers feel comfortable.

Also interesting that both of their boys are catchers and not pitchers.  

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