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You simply have to figure out WHY it takes you so long to get to your best. Lack of reps? Lack of focus? Lack of physical fitness coming in? 

And what do you consider your 'best?' More hard hit balls? Better stats? More comfortable?

There's a reason for it, you simply have to be very honest with yourself and figure it out. Once you do, change you habits accordingly.

Please don't take this as harsh. But it's reality. There are players who desire to play college ball. There are players who will put in whatever effort is necessary to get to college ball. If you're seventeen and haven't figured out how to kick start your season you need to do some catching up real fast, physically and mentally. You're seventeen. What's your business plan to get to college ball. Chances are you have to pursue college ball rather than college ball pursuing you.

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As Ironhorse said, make sure you are entering the season physically prepared, meaning you are in the batting cage and the weight room in Oct-Dec.

But, as Yogi Berra said, "baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical".  Don't neglect the mental aspect.  Practice visualization before the season and use it as a tool throughout the season.  I wrote an article on visualization on the Power Alley website, here is a portion of the article that may help:

"Visualization is using your mind to see yourself accomplishing a particular act before you set out to do it – hitting a solid line drive up the middle, making a diving stop on a grounder, or battling back from a 3-0 count to strike out the hitter.  You SEE yourself accomplishing it in your mind, so you BELIEVE it can be done.  To paraphrase Henry Ford, once you THINK you can – you’re right.  You can do it!

Let me give an example of how to use visualization to prepare for a plate appearance.  The key is to visualize EVERY DETAIL, incorporating all of your senses.  Start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.  Put yourself in the on-deck circle, preparing for your at bat.  See yourself walking up to the plate.  Feel the dirt underneath your cleats as you go through your routine of getting set in the box.  Hear your batting gloves sticking to the grip on the bat.  Look up and watch the pitcher get the sign from the catcher.  Watch his wind up, and pick up the ball as he releases a fastball grooved right into your wheelhouse.  Hear the spin on the ball as it approaches, and feel your body executing the mechanics of the perfect swing.  See and hear the ball hit the sweet spot, and feel the sensation of the contact through your hands and up through your arms as you watch the ball shoot over the pitchers head and up the middle (or over the center field fence – it’s your visualization exercise)."

Good luck, and if you have any questions send me a note.

I definitely think it's a mental thing. Because when I get it figured out I play extremely well. I'm going to use the most recent comments advice. I know I'm ready physically for it as I've been training since January. Like I said as it's important to note even if I'm not at my best it's not bad what so ever. I just think it's better to play at my best the whole season not just the last half.

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