HBP - Batter / Runner did not reach 1st base

At a MiBL - independent league game last night ... late in the game a batter was HBP.  No injury apparent, started walking to 1st.  Coach decided to replace him with PR.  About 10 steps from the bag, the Batter Runner turns for the dugout, the pinch runner takes the bag.  No one on the field made an issue of it... but something tells me that this isn't by the book.  Appreciate any insight.

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If he was injured (and just because it wasn't apparent doesn't mean he wasn't), he can be replaced and the sub can complete the award.

if he wasn't injured, the batter is supposed to complete the award -- sometimes, though, discretion is the better part of valor. 

Who was really hurt by this?  How could it possibly change anything?

I agree - no harm no foul here.  Just a rules question... I could not find it anywhere and have never seen it before.  Since the rummer made it 75 feet down the line with no trainer at his side, an injury that would prevent him from accepting the award seems unlikely.  Curious... if the defensive team appealed... what is the correct call? It would be a completely D**K move.

There's no penalty to the substituting team -- it's just a "the umpire should not allow the sub" type rule.  Once he does, there's not anything for the other team to do.  I suppose they could insist that the original runner come out, complete the award and then have the formal sub -- no one above about the 12U is going to do that.

I'm invoking CSFP (Common Sense, Fair Play)....

  •  Its a HBP....
  • The ball is dead.
  • I'm NOT a Doctor or a Certified Athletic trainer. 
  • If the player feels he cant finish the award, I'm not questioning him.
  • Substitute runner changes nothing. (as per Noumpere states)
  • Gets the game back moving while injured player is being attended to

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