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Son goes through batting gloves pretty quickly, so we haven't tried treating the gloves (the SHOES now...we have Glove Stix (think they are for hockey) for those and a rule they are not left overnight in our cars ).  He now has a nicer pair of gloves and has been leaving them out to dry at home after use and they seem to be lasting longer.  I wonder if Glove Stiks might work in batting gloves?  We also have son use scented hand sanitizer (on his hands, not the gloves) after games until he gets to a sink to wash that stinky, sweaty batting glove smell off.  Ah...joys of parenting!

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trash, burn, destroy ... and buy new ones.

My son would go through batting gloves within weeks. I tried the go cheap and replace often.  For a couple years (couple year back) we would get them at DICKS with the warranty purchase, and had DICKS replace them for us :-).  DICKS then outsourced their warranty claim process, made it too difficult to continue the annual batting glove replacement con with them.  Last year,  I splurged and got him Bruce Bolt gloves.  He loves them and they lasted, and lasted ... great product but with a premium price.

When you start a new, the key is to get the sweaty batting gloves out of the bag so they can dry out after every use - after every game, practice or hitting session.

Luckily, my son had the habit of unpacking his bag from his younger ice hockey days.

may smelly batting gloves be your only set back this session !

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I don’t mean to promote any product but my boys use Bruce Bolt and they recommend players to use this deodorizer if gloves start smell. I’ve been using it and it works although drying batting gloves after each use is must and best way as mjd-dad said. I don’t think this one works once it gets too stinky…

My son also loved Bruce Bolt gloves but he wasn’t taking care of them so he opted for some Franklins he really likes as well.

I think those hockey or lacrosse sticks would probably work well.  We used them when he played lacrosse and they worked great.  

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